Steering wheel audio controls not functioning on Ford Ranger T6

Hi i have recently updated my Ford sync 3 system from v3.0 to v3.4 successfully. Big thanks to Cyanlabs for enabling me to move on from v3.0 without hardware incompatibility issues that Ford tech couldn’t resolve. V3.4 looks great and is working well.

I have had an on going problem with my audio controls built into my steering wheel. Some of the buttons worked others didn’t and on some occasions none of them.

I decided to purchase a button second hand/ vehicle dismantler which i was told has been tested.

I fitted it yesterday and now have no responses at all from the audio controls.

Whilst i understand that this problem can also be caused by the clock spring i would like to get advice on whether the new controls need reprogramming?

I have read about Forscan and the obs2 scanner i will need to connect to the vehicle but if this is the correct route to resolve my problem i need a step-by-step guide. Please note i have tried to obtain support from the Forscan forum, however it seems that they are not accepting new user registrations at this time.

Any help greatly appreciated

Not if the replacement part is the same as the original. There is really no way to program the buttons other than what type of button assembly is fitted.

Just on the steering wheel? the panel controls are ok?
The SWC button issue existed before the upgrade to Sync 3.4?

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Thanks for the advice. The replacement part was from a slightly lower spec model but looks identical and seem to be the same part number.

The touch screen and panel controls are working.

Update: one of the scroll/ direction buttons above the audio controls and the ‘ok’ button respond (these are part of the same unit).

I wonder if removing part of the steering wheel assembly has disturbed what may have already been a clock spring/ hardware problem rather than a software fault.

I’m thinking it would be good to prove its not a programming/ software issue before i book the vehicle in for clock spring replacement. Does sync3 communicate with the audio controls or is Forscan the next step?

Probably ok. Same part number…

on a 2017 Ranger, the Steering Wheel Controls (SWC) are hosted by the Steering Column Control Module (SCCM). The button are attached to a LIN (Local Interconnect Network) from the SCCM. So there are 3 possibilities here that might exist:

  1. The SCCM is faulty. Unlikely, but could happen. Can easily be checked with FORScan.
  2. Clockspring. This is a physical part and it’s just a remove and replace item. It’s actually easy to do. This would affect the LIN connection to the SCCM.
  3. The button panel or wiring in the steering wheel. You already replaced the button pack, and got different results, but not working still.

This does not look like a Sync APIM issue at all, so I would focus on the button pack, clockspring, and wiring. If all the turn signals and wiper functions are working properly, it’s most likely not the SCCM as that module controls all that also. The SCCM is in the steering column underneath.

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