Stuck on install

What is your SYNC Region?USA

What is your current SYNC Version? 2.2

Do you have Navigation? No

Do you have a error message, if so what is it?
Can’t find package

Please paste your log output or provide the URL to your log file below

Not sure how to do this

Mine stald at the gracenotes so I did another usb without the gracenotes and now it says no install package.
What do I do it won’t let me past this screen, I don’t care if I have gracenotes or not but need something to get past this.
USA non nav focus RS 2016 was on 2.2 and trying to go to 3.4.
Please help

I am assuming it is looking for the gracenotes tar package. How do I start over?

Never mind. The answer is to choice reformat and start over.
So if you don’t want gracenotes redo the setup choose reformat and unselect gracenotes and you can install.

This should be the default if you select no nav that gracenotes is unselected. I didn’t know what it was and everything would have gone fine.

Thanks for the software update it looks wonderful

Glad you solved it, but gracenotes is not related to maps, that’s why it’s selected even if the user says there’s no nav. So you should have gracenotes installed, even without maps.

I thought the gracenotes was to large if the system didn’t contain the maps function? Did I read that wrong?

That may be the case since you mentioned it, I’ve seen you came from 2.2 straight to 3.4.

The tool has an utility to create an interrogator to see how much space you have left.

I’m on mobile right now, I think there was a post about this… Let me search for it…

Edit: here it is, may be related Reformat no nav using 20351

For nov nav, you should delete gracenotes from autoinstall and later install gracenotes small version alone

Hi, you’re right.
System voice increased 500mb. on 20351 version, and that’s the reason 20351 reformat doesn’t work on 8gb apim.

Thank you I am so glad to have this installed it looks great. I appreciate this community for it’s help and the software people for making this possible

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