SYNC 3.0 to 3.4 Manual Explanation

What is your SYNC Region? – USA (NA)

What is your current SYNC Version? – 3.0 Build 20204

Do you have Navigation? – Yes

Do you have a error message, if so what is it? No

Please paste your log output or provide the URL to your log file below


Please describe in detail your issue below

Hey everyone, so I live in America I have a 2016 Ford Mustang GT, I recently updated via Ford website to 3.0 Build 20204. My Gracenote Version is, my Navigation Maps Version is NA 1 14.

I only have a Macbook Pro not a windows computer so I assume I have to do it the manual method. If I follow the manual method for my Mac, is there anything I should do before I update to current 3.4 version with updated maps?

Second question - I do not have the updated Ford USB Module to enable CarPlay should I install that module first before I update to 3.4?

Also should I update to the current 3.4 version that is out or below 19274? Just want to avoid any bugs

You are ok to use the manual method as described in the documentation. Just make sure that your USB is set to exFAT with MBR and that your mac is set to NOT auto-expand compressed directories.

As for the new USB hub you can update to 3.4 without replacing the hub and it’ll still work however you’ll get an annoying prompt on SYNC every time you boot up saying it’s not supported.

I’d go with the latest build (3.4.21098 and NA 2 20 maps) as it has the least bugs (as far as I can tell).

I appreciate all your help! Will let you know how it goes. Should I go to local ford dealership to get a USB Module for Carplay for my 2016 Mustang? or can I get it somewhere online? I believe I am looking for Ford Part# HU5Z-19A387-A? And my last question do I need to replace both USB Module the single and double port or I can just change one?

You can try and source the hub wherever it is cheapest for you. You would have to replace both in order for the unsupported message to go away. I believe the part numbers for Focus/Mustang are HU5T-14F014-AA and HU5T-14F014-AB but I could be wrong. Those are from a while ago. I think the part number you posted will also work. Don’t have much info on replacement hubs.

You could of course go to your local dealership and ask for a CarPlay/Android Auto hub for your vehicle and they will give you the correct one.

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It won’t work for CarPlay i believe but it will work for other stuff including Android Auto but with the annoying prompt


I downloaded the newest update on tow usb with maps and half way I got the message the host has been disconnected. So then I did it with the option to keep my maps. That worked. So I loaded it into the truck and now it has a navigation issue. How do I fix this. Can I just manual add or uodate maps. Or do I just have to connect the truck to my WiFi and it can uodate. I had NAVI in the truck before.

2019 f550 with Navi went from 3.0 to 3.4

The part you want is HU5Z-19A387-B, available from Product Details | SimplePart (

HU5Z-19A387-A is superseded.

You can find it elsewhere, like eBay, but be very careful about the Chinese knock-offs from ALLWAY and others. These are not OEM equipment.

If you upgraded to 3.4 and checked keep maps, then you have no maps now. The old maps are incompatible. You will need to download the maps and include them in the installation. Perform a downgrade with maps, this will use the reformat installation to the latest Sync 3.4 with maps. Select the desired 3.4 release and 2.20 maps.

This shouldn’t be possible to select as an option

I thought that odd…

Hey everyone, I was able to update from 3.0 to current 3.4 build on my 2016 Mustang (USA). There was no problems and everything works after I master reset. Just need to update the USB hubs as these old ones give a error message when turning on car. I manually downloaded the files to my Macbook, took a while cause some files said network error but all complete! Just need to update to current USB hubs to get carplay.


Hey! After updating to 3.4 current build and current updated maps from 3.0. Is there any reason why my Navigation is blank? I cannot search up any address it just comes up blank and the map is blank with the cursor? Is there a fix?

Master reset, then go for a drive to make sure it gets a gps fix

So I did a master reset and drove around 30 mins and the Navigation is still blank, cant search no address. Also music has a small lil skip glitch when listening to music via bluetooth

Hey Cyan, any fix for bluetooth music it skips a bit within first 15 secs of play on current 3.4 build. And Navigation being blank? cant search no address, I have master reset several times

Did you change the region to enable ‘Nav in motion’? What region is the APIM set?

That audio glitch has been a thing for a very long time. It’s a known SYNC bug. If your nav is completely blank I would recommend trying a reformat again. If nav is enabled in the as built.

I followed the directions of the manual method, NA, Sync 3.4.21098, and 2.20 NA Maps, it generated all the files. What else am I supposed to do?

I will try to downgrade and re-download and reformat back to 3.4 to see if it fixes the blank navigation map issue. Im North American region by the way.

It should work even if you did it manually. You can post your config and the contents of the USB you made and we can double check it here. Navigation should show up and work if it’s enabled in the as built and you did a master reset.