SYNC 3.0 to 3.4 with maps from NA to EU

This will tell you what to change in the APIM and ACM.
Tutorial: Current EU Maps Installation on US Imported Vehicles - Ford / APIM (Sync 3) - CyanLabs Official Community
As for the IPC language change, this is likely 720-02-01 **xx-xxxx-xx. It will most likely be set to ‘03’ which is US English. It could also be one of these:
0D=NA English
0F=NA English
10=NA English
11=NA English
13=NA English
14=NA English
15=NA English
18=NA English
1C=NA English
1E=NA English

If you want to change the language for the IPC to Polish, you will need:

You will also need to set the country code at 720-03-01 ****-xx.

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Thanks! this is what i needed but…
this is sooo fcking frustrating. I have another cable. This one is visible through forscan but i can’t connect to vehicle.

I’m getting a bunch of errors:

Configuration tab shows:

Type: FTDI #1:A50285BI, 500000 bps
Adapter: ELM327 v1.5
Min.delay: 3 ms ( Excellent)

  • CAN ERROR: 3 ( 6.1% )

Errors seem to differend each time but no 3 is the most common.

Any ideas? I tried on/off engine on/off radio and with connected battery charger. Voltage is showing in forscan and shows around 12v (with connected charger, bulk charging in progress - vehicle is not daily used)
Forscan version is v.2.3.47, port driver is updated, im using Windows XP.

Is the connections tab set up like this?
You are only connecting at 500kb, rather than 2Mb. Make sure auto increase is selected.
The FORScan version does not matter…
Ignore the WIFI settings.

yup but i don’t have one section (J2534 Adapter)

The computer or program cannot detect the adapter…

Will try today on a different computer with forscan demo and update on situation ( comp i use is quite old, maybe thats the problem). There is some kind of connection with a car ( battery voltage shown).

Nope new computer, same problem. Maybe it still related to this cable. Maybe it is time to try different brand… Sorry this one is in polish it says that connection with vehicle is impossible and to check if ignition is on.

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Vitalij i dont understand. Check me o the file? I didn’t upload my files here :face_with_spiral_eyes:

What adapter are you using? Forscan has 2 adapters they recommend, the others are hit and miss with issues.

How to update module firmware with FORScan - FORScan forum


i use this one:

I have read somewhere that in order to read all the moduls i need adapter with HS/MS switch. vLinker doesn’t have one :exploding_head:

Today i received vLinker cable and this time i managed to connect without any problems. Looks like forscan is very picky :laughing: Tommorrow i’ll have some fun with it and let ya all know how it goes :grinning:

That is not recommended, it’s not supported by FORScan. It’s from China… Known problems with china clones of ELM327 - FORScan forum

The VLinker and OBDLink adapters are both compatible adapters and comply to J2534, which that one does not. There is no need for hard switches anymore, the software can do that for you and is much faster at it.

First thing…load the newest drivers from the website. Make sure you enable the checkbox for FORScan to check and update drivers if needed.

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Hi, succes! :slight_smile:
I manged to reprogram modules with forscan including dash and infotainment language. I also have navi directions in polish and other voice commands like set temp etc. Only thing that doesnt work at first glance is ‘find address’. It says in response that this function is not available because maps are still updating. It is probably related to this prompt mentioned before. Altrought i didn’t use my car. Maybe now after changes with forscan it needs couple of restarts to fully configure.

Hi, find address is working. System needed some time i guess. For now last thing which doesn’t work as i would like to are logos of radiostations. Now im seeing US logos instead of polish ones. Any ideas?

You would need to replace the ACM for an EU version.

U mean hardware? I’m looking at your threads US Imported Vehicle Conversion for EU Station Logos

Yes, ACM is a hardware module.

Ok, oh well, you can’t win them all. Anyways i’d like to thank all of you for support and patience. F150chief you are the best! Cheers!!!

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