Sync 3.0 updated to 3.4 As build and APIM questions

i just updated my Sync 3.0 EU NAV version successfully to 3.4 20196.
Since the car is a 2018/19 Tourneo Custom and i am using it sometimes for camping i am pretty interested in some additional features like the silent mode control.
Unfortunately the APIM AsBuilt adress room is just ending at 7D0-08-xx .
Is there possibility to update the APIM firmware of this unit so that the ardesses 7D0-09-xx are available?
Part Number: JK2T-14G371-FDB
Calibration level: JK2T-14G371-FDB
Hardware number: H1BT-14G380-CB
Boot loader: GB5T-14G376-AA
Strategy (CAN,F188): GB5T-14G374-DG
Programming (CAN,F124): GB5T-14G375-FD
ECU Config/Base: JK2T-14G379-AA
ECU Config/Illumation: HB5T-14G379-EA

What is for me a little bit strange that the russian guys are stating that the XXXX-14G375-F * binary file is indicationg the 32GB version and that the 64GB EU version should have XXXX-14G375-H*.
So basically i am a little bit confused, the interrogator was clearly stating 55GB for the /fs/images folder, so it must be a 64GB Nav :wink:

Now for me it is unclear which files i would need to flash my APIM to get the 7D0-09-xx or is that simply not possible with my hardware?

Regards Dirk

Yes if you want to update the firmware follow our update guide :slight_smile: Updating APIM Firmware (Calibration Files)

I don’t personally believe the Russian guys had that right in regards to 32gb and 64gb calibration files.

Anyhow the idea is to follow your guide. :slight_smile:
I checked my setup already before i did the change from 3.0 to 3.4 and this was exactly the same than indicated in Forscan.
Does anybody have a glue, what is the difference between Calibration level JK2T-14G371-FDB and JK2T-14G371-FGB?
The vbf files stated in forscan 2.4.3 are completely identical.

I doubt any one can tell you whats the difference between VBF files, if you don’t have a 08 section you likely don’t have new calibration, ForScan doesn’t always give you the latest version, Louage or F150 are better for this tbh, i don’t even use ForScan. @Louage @F150chief

@CyanLabs: Thanks a lot for your excellent work sync updater :slight_smile: It is nearly to easy to use :wink:

I am just missing the 09 section not the 08.
I hope that @Louage and/or @F150chief can help me.

Sorry yeah typo, i meant 09

Technically, as far as regional production release, they are correct, BUT it is only regional specific production packages. Using the same release versions, it does NOT make a difference. So it’s really a non issue in this case. (See the chart below.)

See above, regional production release. Sometimes the files are the same.

The 7D0-09-xx series is optional feature set menus that allow you to access the vehicle features thru the center stack display, or Sync. Most of them don’t apply to pre-2019 vehicles. However, some do and can be useful. You will need to upgrade the firmware to obtain these, as well as reload the asbuilt completely once that is done. Then you can use FORScan to turn on menus to access features of the vehicle. The 7D0-09-xx set does not add any features to the vehicle itself.

Calibration may be updated using FORScan but you have to follow a specific order below:

GB5T-14G376-AA.vbf (Bootloader) //Mandatory
XXXX-14G374-XX.vbf (Direct Config Configuration) //Mandatory
XXXX-14G375-XX.vbf (ECU Calibration Data) //Mandatory
GB5T-14G379-AA.vbf (ECU Cal-Config #1 AKA Audio Profiles) //Optional
XXXX-14G379-XX.vbf (ECU Cal-Config #2 AKA Illumination) // Optional

To determinate if a calibration is for a MY18.5 you have to read the first XXXX, they must have 1U5T or 5U5T. Also, it’s important to keep in mind that file 14G375 is different based on APIM region and Flash size:

XXXX-14G375-A*.vbf 8GB / 16GB EU without NAV
XXXX-14G375-B*.vbf 8GB / 16GB NA without NAV
XXXX-14G375-C*.vbf 8GB / 16GB ROW without NAV
XXXX-14G375-D*.vbf 32GB NA with NAV (Telenav)
XXXX-14G375-E*.vbf 32GB CHINA with NAV
XXXX-14G375-F*.vbf 32GB (ANY region) with NAV (Telenav)
XXXX-14G375-G*.vbf 32GB ROW With NAV (NNG)
XXXX-14G375-H*.vbf 64GB EU with NAV
XXXX-14G375-J*.vbf 32GB TURKEY with NAV
XXXX-14G375-K*.vbf 32GB UAE with NAV (NNG)

Based on the calibration files, it looks like your vehicle is a pre-18.5MY. (They are GB5T.)

Your APIM is clearly a pre-18.5MY unit looking at the .vbf information. I will tell you that updating this unit with the most current .vbf cal files will most likely result with incompatibility issues. The hardware is different than the 18.5MY and up APIM’s. Subtle differences, but enough to be an issue.


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haha I use UCDS lol :slight_smile:


Thanks for clarification, this was also my understanding.

Sounds like to much risk for a “nice to have” at the moment. Most of the stuff that i would like to have are available inside the BCM via asbuilt parameters.
What was irritating me, was a statement in one user group that the firmware has to be updated as soons as possible, because otherwise the system will run into problems.

Basically one concern was the OTA updates would lead to problems, personally i do not connect my car to the WLAN so this should not apply. Maybe they do it at the Ford garage during the inspection.
Normally the hardware version detection utility the interrogator should block this or?

So far i had experienced no issues on the 3.4 software with my hardware and i dont understand the risk since the update from my understanding is done on the application layer and the partitions of the file system. Unfortunately i was not able to find unveiled details about the layer setup of the QNX (Neutron?) setup that Ford is using for the Sync3 platform.

Do you have some details about the different hardware versions of the EU APIMs?

Sorry for asking a lot of stuff, but most likely this one of the engineers deseases :wink:
I dont have car :wink: basically it is a rolling engineers playground.

Hmm just come over to the south of Germany, somebody with an UCDS and know how is highly welcome :wink:


OTA updates will have no affect on this, that is really misunderstood how they work. (Or don’t work well anyways,)

They don’t release that and the folks that know are under NDA’s.

Not really, just incremental changes in parts/chips due to supply, etc. It’s not major changes for pre-18.5MY units. The changes came to the entire restructuring of the eMMC storage (RAM) for 18.5MY+ units, where upgrades to the storage are made. It’s like having a revised storage controller added to your computer and not having the right drivers for it. It will work, but…maybe not.

MY18.5+ introduced Sync 3.2, which used the new structure, and is not backward compatible. Sync system since then used the new structure. A major change was made to the maps file structure at this point. Worldwide, maps are now loaded in ‘chunks’ rather than 1 large file. This allows the Sync Navigation to respond faster with less overhead.

Honestly, I tried till the cows came home to upgrade an older Sync unit with the latest firmware and didn’t have a lot of luck with it. There were issues with lag and processing, I think maybe too much for the old thing. I purchased a KL3T 2019 unit (brand new) and updated that with everything, and Sync 3.4 with maps, and it just works. It is obvious there is some changes to the way the processes are handled in the newer units, and the software is more mature.

@F150chief @Louage @CyanLabs
Thanks a lot for your excellent research that you guys have done.
After some additional research and disaster check, i was feeling ok with following your guide :wink:
Now the APIM calibration is on the MY18.5 status and 7D0-09 is around for playing
Cheers :beer: :beer: :beer:

@CyanLabs Donation is transferred


Thanks for reporting in with success and for the donation :slight_smile:

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The pleasure is on my side :slight_smile:
A real beer would be better
BR Dirk

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I’ll have one today for you!