Sync 3.4.20136 - Feedback & Issues

For each new release i will create a special thread, please use this thread to post any feedback or issues you have noticed for the corresponding release.

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I’m now at 3.4.19274. To update to 20136 first I have to downgrade and after that update to 20136.
Question: F9 is on my system, should I update without map?It will be ok?

the easiest way would be with a special autoinstall.lst file, the long way would be downgrade then update (you will need maps)

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Download this put in SyncMyRide folder on usb and use this autoinstall.lst in root of your USB

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Updated, I chose the longer way but successful :slight_smile:
USB issue solved (did not play some mp3 files from usb) .

Whats new with 20136? Worth updating?

No idea what’s new on it, a user on Discord has confirmed they were able to downgrade back to 19101 so if there are issues you can go back to an older version. Good news.

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upgrade made to work perfectly.
Thank you :smile: :clap:

The bug came back in this build.
Radio is switched off but when I start the car (or just the ignition) the radio shows the last station what I listened like it is ON but it is OFF. If switch the radio OFF before stop the car it shows OFF but next start it shows as ON.

I have successfully updated from build 20021 to 20136 using autoinstall.lst.

Not much to coment really. Perhaps I find this new version somewhat slower than previous one? I mean, transitions when tunring on/off and things like that. But since I haven’t really tested the old build that much, that’s all the feeedback I can provide.

Will this autoinstall.lst file and the attached package work to upgrade any region/nav unit from 20021 to 20136? I currently have NA with nav and am on 20021. Thanks

Yeah it will indeed :blush:

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A quick question - mine is Ford Kuga (Escape) 2019 with Sync 3.3, build 18351 and F8 maps with Navigation.

Can I go straight to the latest 3.4, build 20136 with F9 maps + Navi? (or do I need to upgrade to smth. else first, to say in between?)

Thanks a million!

Yes you can go straight to that version :smile:

Thank you Sir!

Once I have updated it, will I still be able to receive over the air automatic updates from Ford, the usual way? I mean via wi-fi.

It’s not known. Your car is 3.3 so in theory yes but until 3.4 is released for your car I don’t know.

The rumor has it, 3.4 is coming officially to MY19+, mine is 2019 June…

2019 ? We are in 2020 and June already lol

MY19+ = model year 2019

Sorry yes I misread that as the update is coming June 2019 lol , it is rumoured to be coming soon to my19+

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