Sync 3.4.20136 - Feedback & Issues

Dear friends, within all the doubts that arise before updating.
I would be grateful if someone could tell me if I can update directly to the latest version of Sync, that is, 3.4.20136 in my Ford S-Max car, 2.0 TDCI Titanium that currently has version 3.0 Rev 19205, version of Gracenote (EU- 0010) and version of F8 maps.
Waiting for an answer to decide once, I send you a greeting.

Yes you can upgrade. Since you are on a SYNC 3 system already you can download the latest package with nav for your region via the download tool and install via USB. After updating you should have the latest SYNC 3.4 system and the latest F19 map package for your region.

Keep in mind that doing this will erase your current system and replace it with the new one. It will not be an in place upgrade.

What"s new with 20136 compared to 20021?

For me the USB issues seem to be gone for the most part, haven’t had it switching sources while using a USB device anymore. Also interestingly enough I do not seem to have the radio issue mentioned above. If I turn off my radio it retains the settings on next start. Likewise if I leave it on. Besides that it’s not really known what else is new. This is rumoured to be the official build for all 2019+ model years.

Dear Avdonr.
Thank you very much for your answer. I am undecided to perform the installation operation of the latest version, could you tell me if when you run it you will lose the manufacturer’s warranty? I still have it under warranty, the car is from 2018.
Greetings and forgive my inexperience.

No worries. I also have a 2018 model year car with warranty. After manually doing the SYNC upgrade on my system I was still able to take the car in for service and it was covered under warranty and I had no problems with the dealership.

As long as you don’t mention it to Ford I don’t think it will matter to them, nor is it likely that they’ll even notice you changed the SYNC version.

In any case the only way to be 100% certain you won’t void anything is to wait till your warranty expires.

I successfully updated to 3.4 20136 from 20021 ROW using the special auto install file. Also, I am experiencing the same bug about radio. It looks like radio is on beacause the station frequency appears on the display instead (of Audio off) while actually it is OFF. I dont know what else have change or improved since most of the display is still the same.

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Yes, I confirm this issue on mine too

Me also have the radio issue. Also the clock …i think i read here somewhere is necessary assign the clock
In forscan . I try assign to apim but the problem remains there. The change of clock happens when the power is turned off and sync stills on.
All help is apreciated

Great Community!!!
Hi. Just upgraded to 20136 with F9 maps abd it works great. Only issue I’ve seen is after selecting Spanish as language , maps directions are spoken in German . Same issue with the voice system . Any idea how to get it fixed? Thanks a lot

Where is Sync 3.4 20136?

On the app, on the website and on this post if you do the manual autoupdate

not something i have seen before.

Hi does it contain arabic language and did you install it with navigation

Yes with navigation. I do not know if there is an arabic language.

I also Upgrade to the New Version from 3.0

I have a USB problem. When I click the source usb and play music.
As soon as I turn the car off and on again, it continues to play from the USB, but the source is AM and as soon as I play a song forward, it starts a station search.

Is there a version without this bug or would it be fixed soon?

The versions come from ford i don’t make then I can’t tell you if it will be fixed soon or not

Is there any version without the USB Problems i can downgrade back?

i think only 20021 and 20136 have this bug.

Quick question, going from 3.0 - 19205 in 2019 Lincoln MKC to 3.4 - 20136 will this keep the Lincoln Boot Image after the upgrade? Currently shows the word Lincoln and the symbol. Saw something about programming the APIM with Forscan to fix. Please confirm… Thank you