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Since I updated to the 3.4.20237 I have several times system hanger.sometimes there is a blue screen sometimes when the rear camera is on and take the reverse gear out again the camera no longer turns off.
Today I had after I had finished a phone call no more GPS.the Navi showed the red symbol and the navigation no longer worked.

When will there be another update?

As i am not ford how could i possibly know this?

Well, ask and you shall receive…

889.8 MB

Looks like a new thread!

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Weird timing lol will add it asap

It seems like it maybe gonna be a good start for the weekend… 20282 are released… hope soon to see on the updater software :slight_smile:

Yep indeed. I can live with this not being 100% perfect. Still miles better than having Sync2 :grin:. A quicker way to get AA to get off black screen, I just quickly engage reverse which triggers rear camera and than disengage and AA comes back lol. I only do that when I’ve put phone in tray and shut the lid. One day Google will fix this annoying issue :pray:

Ford Galaxy
after update from 3.4.20136 to 20237 front camera stopped working.
I dont have Forscan/OBD2

Will it help to upgrade to 20282? or shall I downgrade to get front camera back?

Try the upgrade as it may fix it, they messed a few things up with that version

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Try the update to 20282 first and report back if that fixes it or not. This has been a bug for a few releases.

it didnt work. still no camera.
I guess I’ll need to get Forscan&OBD2

do you know, what exact parameter needs to be changed?

Sync 3.4 camera zoom not working - Ford / Sync 3 - CyanLabs Official Community

How do you see the cpu clock speed is a 1GHz og 1.5GHz on the unite ? In the hidden menu ?

Canada is 4341. Someone set the region to Western Samoa (WS) to enable Nav in motion, circumventing the in motion restrictions and disabling 911 assist. Is this a US car imported to Canada?

No it was built in Canada. I’ll check the APIM AsBuilt and see what numbers are input.

The code for WS is 5753. Some other abbreviations appear as AQ and GA for Samoa, but WS is the 2 digit ISO abbreviation.

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Welcome to the forum! The FM Placeholder only shows for HD Radio signals (DAB For EU), and even if you had an HD radio signal, the broadcaster chooses to broadcast that type of metadata. For SiriusXM, you will need to update the ACM because the ACM cannot decode the Album art signal from SiriusXM. For CD, it should be using Gracenote, but I don’t have a vehicle with CD, so I can’t help any further. Sorry!

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Does Voice work using the Voice button on the steering wheel?

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Should work on every version, not sure what your problem is