Sync 3.4.20237 - Feedback & Issues

For each new release i will create a special thread, please use this thread to post any feedback or issues you have noticed for the corresponding release.


quoting Auron89 from Fmods/FFClub

they added aa new CPU governor to differentiate MY20 CPU from MY18.5 and lower. MY20 run up to @ 1.5Ghz, MY18.5 and older up to 1Ghz. This was already the case even before, but they might optimized something as there are new thermal throttling parameters. There are a bunch of QML mods and then nothing else. All binaries changed as always but most of them are just recompiled.


Wow another new version… Any idea what this one fixes or adds?

Nothing is known apart from what i quoted above.

For NA: There has been a number of cases with MY20 vehicles getting APIM’s replaced, and they are on national backorder. Looks like a reaction/fix.

Especially in the Ranger.

why it can’t be downloaded via Syn3 Updater?

Currently in “testing” on Syn3 Updater, you can select it only with the below setting checked. As noted above.

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Updated Sync3 escape 2017
sync3 3.0.18025 to sync3 3.4.20196 Non Nav APIM
update builder successful no errors.
Update of car worked flawlessly no errors.
Elasped time from when plugged update usb into car until I got system message update ready to begin was short ~2-3 min. considering there was 2Gb on usb i though update had failed. Left the usb plugged in (you should follow directions not do what I did) . Anyway Snyc when thur update – ford mustang and logo screens. In about 20 min it completed with no errors. sytem restarted and no error with startup on V3.4.20196. I did as suggested and completed a master reset.
So worked just as advertised – many Kudos CyanLabs – left donation in your paypal for continued development efforts.

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Also got MS warning when installing Syn3Update windows program but assuming this is just because the program is not Signed with the MS certificate that MS charges large amount. Seem to remember seeing notification that program is not signed.

Thanks guys, added to “public” so no need to check the “testing” checkbox now.


Starting with 3.0.19205 in a boneyard sync 3 unit I bought (upgrading it to 3.0 was a mfer) and got installed in my truck about a year ago. I’ve had some issues with AndroidAuto and thought upgrading would might help.

I had some trouble getting it to dl the files to the USB stick. Put it on another PC that didn’t have the an extension for USB and I also moved it to the local drive and it worked perfectly.

From there, stick went into the truck, it told me to remove it after a very brief time. I left it in and let it do it’s thing. 30min later it was done. Did a master reset and then went thru all the menus and set everything up.

Seems to be working well. Thanks for writing a slick piece of software, I’ll make a donation soon as I figure out how…


Thanks for sharing your experience, there are some issues with the constant data transfer when using unpowered USB hubs and USB Extensions.

Glad all is working as intended :slight_smile:

If you do wish to donate you can do so via

Of course i have to say, it’s entirely up to you and don’t feel you have to, sharing the guide and contributing is sometimes more valuable than a simple donation.

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2017 Ford Taurus SHO, USA. Months ago went from 3.0 to 3.4. Over the last two months been jumping form minor version to minor version. Followed the guide every time (now I don’t need to do anything as the software automates it) without any issues. CyanLabs, your software is seriously impressive. Not only on the capability, but on the ease of use.

Didn’t notice anything different, which makes sense as the quoted change is throttling hardware. Maybe there are some hidden bug fixes, but didn’t notice any before. Never had any issues with overheating (if the old software was overclocking the CPU), but the headunit appears to be a little cooler in temp than it was before.


What about the issue where the >> hard button below the screen would skip 2 songs on the previous version? Is that changed?

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Just tried updating 3x Puma 21MY from 20136 and all 3 lose gps satellite fixes afterwards using the latest 20237 build and autoinstall process to upgrade. Will try using the reformat process on one and let you know.

Update - GPS fix returns straight away on downgrading back to 20196.

I can confirm that there is no gps fix even when doing a full reinstall using the reformat function with the following hardware part no. GU5T-14G380-FE. If as you say above regarding thermal throttling parameters being different, it also seems to disable the GPS function, so the software maybe non navigation only maybe?

Update - Well, very odd behaviour. Just went back to the car about to downgrade the sync and noticed the clock had the correct time. Looked in the settings and gps fix is showing and location data. All I can think of, is that the module needs a master reset (which I did twice) and a full power down for the gps to reactivate after the upgrade to 20237. I will give another vehicle the autoinstall upgrade process and then leave it for 30mins or so to make sure it powers down and let you all know the outcome. If not, you need to reformat and then master reset and leave for 30mins or so for the gps to reactivate correctly.

Dear all,
just tried it on a SYNC 3 EU NAV 64GB version. So far no major issues.
Assembly Part Number JK2T-14G371-FDB
H/W Part Number H1BT-14G380-CB
Still on Sync 3.0 strategie files.
The only issue was a wrong language setting for the voice recognition, which was fixed after a master reset.
I didn’t check the USB playback so far.
BR Dirk

This was really frustrating for me. Its kind of fixed. I can finally skip tracks normally with my steering wheels buttons, on-screen buttons and the tune ± buttons. For some strange reason, my seek foorward <> button still skips a song when ‘seeking’ forward.

I’m not sure what you mean. The issue on the previous version was that the >> button would skip two (2) songs instead of 1. Whereas the steering wheel controls would correctly skip just 1. Is that still the case?

This version is definitely an issue on 20 or 21MY APIMs. There is major bug with GPS fix being very intermittant on the latest APIMs. I have tried multiple vehicles and the GPS signal is only received on an occasional basis. So not a recommended update for me.

I have been running 20237 on my 2017 Focus ST. I can confirm the skip track button is not fixed. Playing from my phone it skips 2 tracks still, steering wheel controls work normal as does the display. DAB radio it doesn’t skip the next station at all with the hardware button below the screen.
It could just be me, but this version seems to run a bit smoother and faster switching screens.