Sync 3.4.21098 - Feedback & Issues

You can try to download the files manually. See your PM…

This has been reported many times by only a small portion of users and cannot be reproduced for troubleshooting. As the error says, the server (Ford’s) is closing the connection.

This is what you could do:

  • Keep trying until it succeeds
  • Try a different computer
  • Try a different network
  • Configure Syn3Updater to only use a single download connection instead of 8
  • Manually download the files via a browser and save them into the Syn3Updater download folder and re run the process: Syn3Updater will find the files locally and validate them without re-downloading and later create the USB drive. You can get the files list and download them here: Manual Method - Update to 3.4 - CyanLabs

Since manual downloading with browser is also failing, I’d strongly suggest trying a different internet provider and computer.

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SiriusXM travel link does not include many towns and small cities. It will select the nearest large city in it’s database.

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Thanks for the replies. It ended up being my router had reverted to 2.4 speeds

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Just updated on a 2013 Fusion Energi (upgraded with a 2016 or 2017 NAV APIM, screen, plus a new USB hub) from 20237 to 21098. Maps went from 1.19 to 2.20. No issues seen with the upgrade.

Heated seat icons still not showing on the home screen (known issue on Hybrid with all builds PAST 19101). Since I installed a 2017 FCIM with physical buttons, it’s not an issue for me.

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im getting the same message but its in bright red. ive tried DLing diff. maps and differnt sync version. i get the same meessage.

ive tried 3 diff. networks. 3 diff. computers…all with the same results

ive also done just the SSTART proceess and just the DOWNLOAD process…all with the same error.

im gonna try the manual mode and see how it works.

I am curious… if anyone has the Tesla Style screen (PX6 fast boot) with SYNC3 and attempted an update? I would assume it would work exactly the same but was just curious.

I mean it’s the same apim that is used so I would expect it to be fine, no guarantees

Which one are you referring to? Ford production unit?

No bought a PX6 fastboot Tesla style screen but it retained the Sync APIM on the back.

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That’s the Phoenix Automotive one…I didn’t recognize the PX6 name.

As far as I know that is the same as a normal Sync installation. I don’t know how they handled the display integration, but it looks like they kept the LVDS connections (at the top of the unit in the rear) and have a split screen for the Sync unit and Android functions.

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PX6 is the chipset, there are many rebrands of the same product, infact if they are like my old PX5’s there are about 5 different factories manufacturing them and then many many many brands rebranding them, the factories are Dasaita/HotAudio, Klyde, KGL, etc etc… i have a lot of experience with these MTCB/MTCD/PX# units :slight_smile: i’m pretty confident they haven’t changed anything, i mean as far as i know you usually use your existing SYNC APIM so without them guiding you to jailbreak it , it’s not possible to change how the APIM works and therefore must be seen as a normal display by the APIM

EDIT: there are actually a few more now, HuiFei, KaiGeLe, KGL, Klyde, HotAudio, GS, RoadMaster, etc.


Yep sorry… This is from Phoenix automotive… they brand it as a PX6 fast boot unit.
Yes I bought the one that is SYNC3 compatible and just attached the APIM to the back of it and hooked up the cables per their instructions… I will give the update a try and see what happens.
I am curious though… without the physical buttons anymore… how can i get in to TEST mode and have that as an option on my SYNC after the upgrade. Is there a FORSCAN option for that i can enabled?
Not that I need that option but its nice to have. :slight_smile:

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Good question. Try pressing FF> on the steering wheel and FF> on the screen for 8 seconds and see if it works. Hopefully the screen button actually mimics the hard button. I have not tried this with a Sync 3 screen.

Or press CD Eject and FF> on the panel? (This is for the older systems on the hardware panel).

Once you are in the test menu, there is a selector to place the TEST function on the Sync Settings menu. This will go away if you perform a master reset though.

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Hello. I updated to Sync 3 v3.4.21098 a few weeks ago on my C-Max 2017 Euro version.

Just one issue… I always choose night theme (full blue color) but sometimes the default theme is recovering by itself and clock is wrong.

I have done master reset but no result…

When was the last time the car battery was changed? Sounds like the unit is being reset (no power). Or you have an APIM that is about to break.