Sync 3.4.22200 - Feedback & Issues

Yes as per the documentation

Wanted to ask again if there is any info if aftermarket cameras are now usable or if the image will continue to be dark?

I have not heard of any update on this issue.

You can always try it yourself.
Going back and forth between Sync3 versions is quite easy.
If it does not work, you can go back to your current Sync3 version and that’s it.

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Is there still no reformat tool for MY20 ? sorry if i cant aske here, but i miss so much reformat tool when i had a my19 car


It’s a leaked format tool from ford, after the first was leaked they have likely ensured a prod signed reformat tool doesn’t exist or if it does exist it’s heavily locked down.

Climate controls do not work correctly,A/C still reversed controls.

I was also having the issue with Waze freezing, and on previous versions as well. The way I fixed it was by denying the Location permission for the Android Auto app on my phone. No issues with my location updating on the Waze map since.

It will one day show up… By thet Way. I have seen today that ford mk8 facelift 2022 sync 3.4 had B&O written in menu by sound option settings. is it possible to get this also on my my20 3.4 sync ? is also feels much faster then my sync 3.4