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Is it ver. 22351 or 22251 ?

the uploader has the former number.

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22251 as per the photo

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After connecting to CARPLYA in both 22251 and 22200 versions, clicking the phone on the home page of the car and machine cannot directly jump to the phone of CARPLYA, but to the phone interface of the car and machine itself. At this time, if you want to use the phone function, it will prompt you to open the Bluetooth of the car and machine for Bluetooth device connection, but you can connect to the Bluetooth of the mobile phone. Then you can make calls from the car machine instead of CARPLAY.

This is a change made recently. Normal.

CarPlay shows up after you make the first connection and setup under Settings. You need to enable it to activate on connection or not.

  • Oh, I see. Thank you!

FYI Note:
This version 3.4.22251 reportedly fixes the clock issues with NON-NAV APIM’s.
Thanks to Balmix. New version Sync 3.4 22251 — Ford Kuga, 1.5 hp, 2017 on DRIVE2


Thanks, honestly that was my guess on changes for this new build so makes sense

Thanks !!
Installed in about 8 mins without any issues.
Will report back if something is broken…

Unfortunately, the problem still persists for me.
I have performed a factory reset.


The clock and compass issues still exists on my 2017 Focus, as well.


Hmm I just update my to 22251. I can’t see any changes at all… What is visible of change?


Just installed on a 2017 model Focus RS with Nav.
The Android Auto Google Maps and Waze auto brightness flicker is back with this version. It stutters through the brightness as driving and becomes pretty annoying.
There should be a way to turn off auto brightness on Sync but unfortunately has been removed.
I was on the previous Sync3 v3.4.22110 and that was rock solid with no issues.
Any help would be great.
Thanks in advance.

The version displayed in the About Sync section

This is a known issue with Kuga and Focus, no solution as far as we know it. But since you mentioned that this was not an issue on 22110, you can always downgrade Sync3 to that build to see if what you remember is correct.

That is of course, if you didn’t change any asbuilt value…

Thanks, I’ve already downgraded ill keep a close eye but I’m 99% sure the flicker issue does not exist with that version of sync.

This is making me think twice about installing this on my RS, on the other hand perhaps i should to verify issues.

Thank you, we will be expecting your feedback.
The reason I’m saying this is because the flickering has been an issue from the early 3.4 versions, which was resolved for most models in later builds but Focus and Kuga never got it solved.

Your profile says you have a 2017 Focus, which of course should be affected by the flickering.

If 3.4.22110 solves your issue again, then it’s a good workaround for other Focus owners to try!


The auto-dim toggle has been reintroduced several versions ago, but there is some vehicle-specific conditional logic that hides the UI element for the toggle switch. Somebody on FMODS figured out it’s as easy as hard-coding the condition to always be “true” to make the switch appear on all vehicles, and I’ve confirmed it is indeed functional and not just cosmetic. It really does avoid screen flicker on my 2014 Escape and functions just the same as it had on much older Sync 3.4 builds.


I keep seeing people on Cyanlabs claiming the toggle is gone, but I think it’s just lack of awareness, since this is a fairly recent discovery. The workaround involves jailbreaking and installing a mod to enable an SSH daemon to modify the required line in DisplaySettings.qml. I don’t think Sync has any native text editor like pico or nano, so the only option is to SFTP the file to your computer, modify it, and SFTP it back to the Sync system. The SSH mod includes the required crypto key to allow SFTP to work (Sync apparently has no password for SSH / SFTP, so a key is used instead).

I know all this probably sounds like gibberish if you aren’t familiar with SSH. It should be extremely easy to also write an autoinstall script so the change can be applied just like any other mod by simply inserting a USB key to perform the changes, instead of having to manually edit the file, but nobody had written one so far. I’d write it myself but am worried about being liable if I somehow messed up other people’s APIMs.

I’m also curious if the Cyanlabs team can auto-patch DisplaySettings.qml. There’s a “community changes” list whenever I update Sync, and I never quite understood what that meant. Is it just changes made by Ford’s engineering team that the community notices, or can the community actually make proposed changes that get applied automatically when you create the update USB stick? If the latter, I feel this patch should be included in the future. I really fail to see any actual downsides to forcing this dim toggle to always be present…

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As far as CyanLabs is concerned this toggle has gone, if the workaround is to modify a system file in order to allow the feature it is gone, we do not condone nor allow discussion or sharing of modified IP of which JailBreaking includes.

Unfortunately the first one, just things the community notices

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I’ve just confirmed while driving to work today, the issue is definitely not as obvious on this version for some reason and I’m not sure why the behavior is different since the majority of the versions are the same. I’ll stick to 3.4.22110 unless there’s significant changes that occur in the later versions or if they ever reintroduce that toggle for auto brightness.