Sync 3.4.23088 & F12 EU / 2.22 NA / 2.22 ANZ Maps - Feedback & Issues

No changelogs provided, who knows.

No, I did not… now Its more fuss for me to do a master reset and erase everything than to live with wrong time when engine is off.
Will try it in the future
Thanks for help to all…

Why does it show downgrade when I select 23088 and F12 maps as Install Mode?
It shows the same as in the screenshot above in the first post.

Isn’t that dangerous for MY20 devices (like mine)?

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If it’s showing Downgrade, then you have not configured Syn3 Updater correctly and it thinks you are not MY20 or you have overridden the Install Mode

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No worries,


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@franekolanovic …a master reset will only erase your phone in your case and it’s easy to install it again but you will probably find the reset will solve your other current issues.

For me it also showed downgrade - i wasn’t aware of it until after i updated everything.
So my Navigation is now on F12 maps wich is perfect. But firmware is on 3.3 now
Can i Just update to 3.4.23088 now (from 3.3 now) ?

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Do all of the SiriusXM logos work too?

No it’s not, that’s not how that works

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Using a different brand of USB Stick fixed this issue

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If I was running 22251 do I already have the 2.22 NA maps? Should I just run an update to 23088 with keep existing maps?

No. 2 22 NA was just found by Cyanlabs. Ford has not even released it yet to the public.

OK. Wasn’t sure. I can try the full update. Hoping I don’t run into issues. I have had the occasional APIM issues that some other people had but not very often.

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Hey, just installed the latest build with 2022 NA maps and everything works good… Mind you, the memory stick can get picky… I got errors on one of them and the other it worked flawless on my 2017 Escape TI! Cheers.

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Is it safe to do the map key to upgrade the maps on a 2020 esplorer? Still stuck at NA 2 20

what year model and region?


If you have a MY20+ vehicle you cannot reformat, you would need to use autoinstall for the maps. However, if you do not have the proper license file for your vehicle for ESN locked maps, the installation will fail.

His profile is NA.

Vehicle Make: Ford
Vehicle Model: Escape TI
Vehicle Year: 2017
Vehicle Region: NA