XML Error

When I try to update my 2022 Bronco Sport I get this.

Ok, is there any question?

Well it won’t let me download the update until an expert helps me apparently ?

Ok, so what are you trying to achieve?.

I mean, I’m sure you are aware that posting only a random screenshot WITHOUT ANY CONTEXT does not tell us a thing, right?.

Well I posted it in another conversation and someone moved it so that took the context out. I am trying to update to 3.4.23088 with the 2022 maps and I am greeted with this message after hitting yes here and uploading the requested file.


Yes, I know your message was originally posted in Sync 3.4.23088 & F12 EU / 2.22 NA / 2.22 ANZ Maps - Feedback & Issues , but:

  • your post was offtopic, since it was not related to the build’s feedback, that’s why it was separated into this thread
  • your post was your only message on that thread, no context whatsoever there either

Having said that, since your unit is MY20 you won’t be able to install maps if they are ESN locked, since they require to reformat the unit, which you can’t do.
You can however upgrade Sync3 without touching maps.

So, configure syn3updater with MY20 Protection enabled since you have a MY20 unit, and see which map level the tool gives. If the latest are not available, then they are locekd and you won’t be able to upgrade them.

But, having such a new car, I would go with Ford’s path.

You get maps free from Ford for 5 years. Just be patient and they will release them on the site.

Thank you. I just figured I’d do maps too but it does go through keeping existing maps. Downloading the update now.

Yes, because you can’t install latest maps without a license, that’s why Syn3updater won’t give you the option if you can’t reformat the unit.

But as Bill said, I would not use Syn3updater at the moment since your car is pretty new… I would remain under the Ford’s path… it may be slower, but eventually they will release them for you “legally”.

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