Sync 3.4.23088 & F12 EU / 2.22 NA / 2.22 ANZ Maps - Feedback & Issues

No! you have to do the literal opposite, if you have MY20 you can not Downgrade or Re-format

This should also not be in this thread, as per the many notices at the top of the page this is for feedback and bug reports of build 3.4.23088, a new topic should have been created

Ok sorry for this :frowning:

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Thanks a lot for the clarification - if you are new to the forum some of the informations might be misleading regarding MY20 - sorry for the troubles - got it now - Cheers Henry

I mean there is a detailed documentation for Syn3 Updater and how it handles both MY20 and non MY20 vehicles, i don’t know how we can make it any simpler.

Dont’ worry - it was my fault not reading all the details. Anyway it worked now - thanks for your help and patience :slight_smile:

Ford told me today that they plan on releasing the 2023 maps 8/14/2023

No! as per The latest Sync®3 map will be available on or near August 14th, 2023. Please check back then these are 2022 maps not 2023 maps, maps are released a year behind so 2023 maps come out in 2024

Yet the likes of Garmin are distributing 2024 maps at this time. It would make sense for Ford to at least change their version number to current year so’s to not make maps look obsolete the day they are released.

I meant 2022 Sorry…

Selected emergency contacts will not be retained.

I selected the emergency contacts and after a few days they no longer appear.

No other problem. Install this version from 3.0.2024 downloaded from the official Ford website.

I have detected another problem, if when you are in navigation and you select detour to select an alternative route, it does not let you select the alternative route, does this happen to anyone else?

Edited: the alternative route does work, my fault that I didn’t realize that it really changes it.

Try he most recent update, bugs arent going to be sorted on old versions.

If you still have the autoupdate function in Sync 3 turned on on your 2022 EU Focus then you might be seeing the unit trying to downgrade back to the Ford supported release for your vehicle. This can cause all sorts of issues if the updates do not complete. If you are manually updating Sync 3 in your vehicle you should turn autoupdates off.

Once you turn off autoupdates I would recommend you run the RWdata cleaner and maybe even run the 3.4.23188 installation again.

partial installing the EU maps was new to me. Happy with the feature and took me only 30 minutes this time :ok_hand:. Enjoy the coffee :coffee: