Sync 3.4.23088 & F12 EU / 2.22 NA / 2.22 ANZ Maps - Feedback & Issues

Deleted and re-paired my phone and problem solved. Thank you.

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Update 12.06.2023:
We downgrade soft to 21194 (only soft, we preserve current maps sa 2 22) and now the navigation works without issues.
In my opinion, or conclusion after the different test that we made, the releases having issues with no nav versions (21194 and up) , also are having issues with no oem antenna or retrofited sync3.

i have nearly a similar prob. Comming from 22200 and F11 everything works fine with gps and maps.
But now with 23088 and F12 the map hangs (arrow is not moving) about 3/4 minutes after the first initialisation of the sync3. with the old version the arrow on the map was moving, sometimes without signal bit it worked!

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After upgrading my sirius logos and channels finally broke. Figured out the fix though.

Previously I had nav in motion enabled, I had to set the country code in the APIM with forscan (DE01/7D0-02-01) back to its original and everything started working again.

Makes sense. The ‘nav in motion’ is basically a hacky workaround. Other countries don’t have the same restrictions as we have here in NA. But in changing that, you change other country specific functionality too. Not sure off the top of my head if/what Sirius functionality is affected with this, but wouldn’t surprise me given it’s a North American only service.

Sirius XM and Travel Link will break when the ‘nav in motion’ hack is employed. There is really no reason to do this since Ford has fixed most of the issues with the nav functionality. This again is not a Ford issue, it is your elected officials babysitting and protecting us from each other. Not a bad thing, but in some cases this should just be left to Darwin.

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we drive 3200 km from from Germany to and through Italy and back in 2,5 weeks with our 2019 s-max titanium.
i recognized 2 bugs in 23088.

if you use dab+ radio station and make the radio mute. after some time the radio unmuted byself and plays some mw frequency (sometime only swosh, sometimes music). maybe it happens while the dab frequency band is losing.

and the second bug.
we make short driver change breaks and engine goes off.
normally (mostly) the route will be automatic restarted after a break.
2-4 times we have to start to route completely new (that’s okay but not fine)
but one time, in austria, the navi has an “invisible” navigation route active. but their was no route, arrival time and no distance, no red abort icon an the main dash, but it was not possible to start a new route over the mainscreen (no search button). the solution: in the submenü you could abort the invisible navigation. what you have to do to start a new route.

I have none of those bugs in version 23088 in my car.
Did you do a master reset after the upload to your vehicle?
Also, one thing you could try when changing drivers and restarting is to give the sync a short time to ‘acknowledge’ your entry ‘waking’ the screen before actually starting the car. You may then find that it then always resets to where you left off whether it is navigation, USB music, radio or whatever.

sure. without reset i have always dab icons missing and gps signal lost.
i think no one drive 1200 km trip nonstop (only driver change and refuel) daily to notice such behavior in everyday life

We did a 1600 km non stop trip back in January , and we definitely did not encounter this issue. As we were in 22251 I believe, it may very well be a 23088 specific issue.

I have never encountered these issues with version 23088 nor has anyone else on this site to my knowledge however some bugs were found with 22251 I believe with many updating to the later version or backloading to version 21265 or whatever.
In saying that if you have no issues that’s great. :wink:

Sorry, I think you may have misread what I was trying to advise.
I understand that you are resetting each function when it fails but did you do a master reset of the sync unit itself straight after you originally uploaded version 3.4.23088 to the car?

The other point I was making was to try waiting a short while when entering the car before starting it to allow the sync system to ‘warm up’. I am only talking about 15 seconds or so just to see if that solves the problem of the system not returning to where you left it whether it be music or GPS. :slightly_smiling_face:

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The strange thing for me was… After updating last year from 21194 to 22210
the Ford UK site told me I had 21194 installed and had an update available.
The Ford link for updating this info didn’t work for me. Retried several times
and redid the log file many times.

However, now after I did the update to 23088 Ford automatically has gotten
my info. Never tried to send any info to Ford this time.
When logging in to the UK site just now it says my current version is 23088
and I am upto date. Both with SYNC and the maps.

Right but you weren’t on pre 3.2 so it doesn’t apply to you


Ok, sorry I missed that.

Is this a new feature in SYNC. Or Synupdater? I mean sending the update info
to Ford? Because for me atleast this didn’t work last time.

But I had my car in for a checkup for my adaptive lights… Ford didn’t find anything
wrong but did connect up to its servers and also updated all firmwares regading
this. Maybe Ford got my update this way?

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Either via internet connection or ford, not a syn3updater feature

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No valid ECU Assemply No. - : I did upgrade to 3.4.22200 with the Ford website but the xml generated obviously has an error and could not be uploaded. So I tried Sync3 Updater trying to install 3.4.23088 with a selectionof EU Maps - but when checking the xml - I got the message that there is “no valid ECU Delivery Assembly No - Do not continue without asking an expert” - Is there any expert who can help?
Can I just move on and enforce the upgrade with the downgrade mode?
XML attached. Would really be glad if someone can help. Car is a Transit Nugget Plus 2022 (guess manufactured in late 2021). Thanks
Sync_N13C02K7_WF01XXTTG1NS52411.xml (10.9 KB)

You are almost definitely MY20 so DONT REFORMAT

Thanks Scott - this means I can go on with the downgrade mode, despite the warning - correct?

The same problem for me.
Vehicle Ford Kuga PHEV 2022.
Following this discussion to upgrade to 23088 .