SYNC 3.4 Build 23188 - 2020 F150 (Build / sold date Oct 2019 - Dec 2019) MEM__ERR01

Hi Cyanlabs Admin and group!

I, like others not sure where to start here (Thanks for help and direction in advance).

I have an F150 created in 2019 (But 2020 model) and picked up in Dec of 2019.

I started to have issues with APIM around July of this year (2023). I performed a master reset after several failed “Updates” and black screens. I then updated to 3.4.21194. This temporarily fixed the issue until a few weeks ago (And I am sure I did not have the OTA on).

I did see there was an update finally to upgrade to 3.4Build 23188. I performed and it cleared my issues.

I then wanted to upgrade my map to the latest (Mine shows NA 119). Did the usual update from SyncNavigation - 4UST-14G421 and 14G422 files and the key.

Then was presented the usual Failed - MEM_ERR01

I wanted to check in prior to running the Cyanlabs software / interrogator software to see if I should do anything else before moving to this side of the world.

Any feedback is welcome!



SYNC Region: NA

Navigation Variant: Nav

Manufacturer Year: 2020 (Purchased in Dec 2019)

Install Type: OEM

Old SYNC Version: 3.4.21194

New SYNC Version: 3.4.23188

Do you have a error message, if so what is it?

Update Method: Official Ford

Your APIM is a MY 2020+ so you cannot reformat to update maps. You will need to go through Ford to update them. The newest ones from are 2.22 maps and take about 45 min to install. Guessing that’s what you already downloaded though.

Got it. Thanks. Bummer, Cyan looks so much better the FORToture!

Thats the one downside of owning a 2020+ Ford.

Thanks Bill for the Feedback!

There maybe a way to fix that error though. I am more of a hardware guy so maybe one of the software guys will jump in and help on that one.

Please provide:

  • the autoinstalll.lst file you are using
  • the resulting xml after running the interrogator log

Will do. Thanks


; SYNC3 Consumer Assembly
Upgrade - Release 3.4.23188 - Only
for Nav/NA assemblies.

Options = AutoInstall
Options = AutoInstall,Delay,Include,Transaction

Map Files

Options = AutoInstall

Options = AutoInstall, Include, Transaction

Options = Delay, Include ,Transaction

Sync_VYB810D4____________25062.xml (11.0 KB)

Is this filename a typo or is there a new file for Gracenote?

So, at this point you have updated to 3.4.23188, but have not updated the maps. Correct?
Where did you get the map license file? If you downloaded it from here it will not work, you need to download one from Ford for your VIN. Otherwise, the autoinstall file for the maps will work with your unit.

Another question: There are no complete map sets installed on the APIM. Here are the files presently installed.

Has this APIM been wiped with another utility, like that from FMods? Below is the storage indicated by the log utility. It does indicate the unit is equipped for NAV. I suspect that there is an issue with the software and maps installations which needs to be corrected.

<d2p1:AdditionalAttributes logGeneratedDateTime=“2023-11-27T17:03:53+00:00” RAM=“883695616” vmcuVersion=“Vector_VMCU_05.04.22”>
<d2p1:PartitionHealth type=“/fs/sd/MAP/” total=“1.4G” available=“12M”/>
<d2p1:PartitionHealth type=“/fs/sd/MAP/” total=“1.4G” available=“36K”/>
<d2p1:PartitionHealth type=“/fs/sd/MAP/” total=“1.4G” available=“148K”/>
<d2p1:PartitionHealth type=“/fs/sd/MAP/” total=“1.3G” available=“12M”/>
<d2p1:PartitionHealth type=“/fs/sd/MAP/” total=“922M” available=“3.0M”/>
<d2p1:PartitionHealth type=“/fs/sd/MAP/” total=“1.3G” available=“9.3M”/>
<d2p1:PartitionHealth type=“/fs/sd/MAP/” total=“1.7G” available=“16M”/>
<d2p1:PartitionHealth type=“/fs/sd/MAP/” total=“1.7G” available=“16M”/>
<d2p1:PartitionHealth type=“/fs/sd/MAP/” total=“2.0G” available=“13M”/>
<d2p1:PartitionHealth type=“/fs/Nuance/” total=“1.6G” available=“15M”/>
<d2p1:PartitionHealth type=“/fs/Nuance/” total=“1.1G” available=“10M”/>
<d2p1:PartitionHealth type=“/fs/Nuance/” total=“2.6G” available=“24M”/>
<d2p1:PartitionHealth type=“/fs/Nuance/” total=“465M” available=“3.2M”/>
<d2p1:PartitionHealth type=“/fs/Nuance/grace” total=“775M” available=“5.8M”/>
<d2p1:PartitionHealth type=“/fs/rwdata/” total=“1.2G” available=“645M”/>
<d2p1:PartitionHealth type=“/fs/rwdata/quip/” total=“35M” available=“35M”/>
<d2p1:PartitionHealth type=“/fs/mp/” total=“1.4G” available=“84M”/>
<d2p1:PartitionHealth type=“/fs/images/” total=“25G” available=“3.9G”/>

Hi F150 Chief,

I did not look at the XML itself that I uploaded to see what was a successful transfer / upload. That could have saved you (Or anyone else looking at this thread) some time on what was actually in the APIM, so thanks for giving that a onceover. The files I noted here on this thread were from the thumb drive to my truck from

Once I uploaded the 23188 files and after the shutoff the truck and open close the door routine, it showed as successful.

If the XML did not show any of the files from the 23188 upload on the XML, then they did not transfer over like the Gracenote file which is noted on the 23188 lst.

Outside of the the Ford / Sync Navigation website, no, I have not used any other service to perform any task. I did perform a master reset prior to uploading the 21194 version. I also had issues with that update and had to perform over a dozen resets (Not master though, the Volume / right arrow reset) where things came back to life.

The 5 files you noted, the CC and CS were from the 3.4.21194 update (and the CCC and CBF were from the previous 3.0_3.2312.18005 which carried over??, no clue) I loaded trying to correct the issues I had from the blue and black screens of death i was experiencing from the 3.0_3.2312.18005 version . So it looks like there was not a clean load even from then.

The interesting thing is that the maps seem to be working and it shows traffic condition status. So at this point I am not sure what is good or what is in need of correction.

What a headache. I’m in IT and even this is like Windows 9 for trying to figure it out.

Thanks for all the help from you or anyone else in advance, it means a lot to me.

It’s not the first time I see an APIM not showing what’s really on the unit due to unfinished updates…

I’m assuming this is an edited version of the autoinstall.lst files…
And, this is pushed by Ford because of your VIN, right?.

There’s one thing you could try: splitting the maps installs into smaller pieces…
Your unit does not have a lot of free space to work with, and map files are BIG.
4U5T-14G421-CAF is 1 GB, compressed… and to install it on the unit temp space is required to copy and then uncompress it… and you only have 3.9 GB left, which is not a lot…

So that’s what I would try: Make a .lst file for installing only 4U5T-14G424-CF and

The three sections of 18005_PROD, 18005 and All were in the autolist from the official Ford / Sync navigation website. I did edit the item / open statement lines for clear reading, yes for this thread, but it is in the correct order. By my VIN, yes.

I will give that a try, thanks

Also, do i just need the AutoInstall, or
AutoInstall, Include, Transaction
Delay, Include , Transaction

Thanks again!

Just the autoinstall…
I’ve merged your 2 consecutive posts… please use the edit button instead…

That was successful - NA 2 22

Should I perform the same type of upload on the rest of the files, a few at a time? As I am not sure which file updates what function, can it be in any order to upload?

This is the OEM Ford autoinstall.lst file contents for installing Sync 3.4.23188. This is only for the Sync app and does not include the voice or GN packages.

; SYNC3 Consumer Assembly Upgrade - Release 3.4.23188 - Only for Nav/EU assemblies.

Item1 = PU5T-14G386-BB
Open1 = SyncMyRide\PU5T-14G386-BB.tar.gz
Item2 = HB5T-14G386-VEB
Open2 = SyncMyRide\HB5T-14G386-VEB.tar.gz
Item3 = HB5T-14G386-VCB
Open3 = SyncMyRide\HB5T-14G386-VCB.tar.gz
Item4 = NU5T-14G381-AD
Open4 = SyncMyRide\NU5T-14G381-AD.tar.gz
Options = AutoInstall
Item1 = GB5T-14G386-AE
Open1 = SyncMyRide\GB5T-14G386-AE.tar.gz
Item2 = LU5T-14G386-CA
Open2 = SyncMyRide\LU5T-14G386-CA.tar.gz
Options = AutoInstall,Delay,Include,Transaction

In reality, all you need is this…

Item1 = RWDataCleaner TOOL - PU5T-14G386-BB_1690840002000.TAR.GZ
Open1= SyncMyRide\PU5T-14G386-BB_1690840002000.TAR.GZ
Item2 = NU5T-14G381-AD_1689364279000.TAR.GZ
Open2 = SyncMyRide\NU5T-14G381-AD_1689364279000.TAR.GZ
Options = AutoInstall

The rest of it is just software and hardware checks along with the log utility.

For the NA Maps…

Each of the argument statements at the end of each section are there for a specific function to instruct the Sync upgrade to proceed in a certain order and to force a reboot if needed.

Can you post the autoinstall.lst file for the maps installation from Ford here please…I can parse this out for you.

Also, deleting the GN package will give you more free space to process the map installations. You can load it back later.

Tutorial: Removal of Gracenotes - Ford / Guides - CyanLabs Official Community

autoinstall.lst (1.2 KB)

So you have only 4U5T-14G424-CF and 4U5T-14G421-CAF installed at this point?

Have you deleted GN?

For the Map update yes, only the two files you noted as it bombed out with the MEM_ERR when trying the full upload. The SYNC3 update did not error when I uploaded the files it moved over.

With MY2020+ can I use the Cyan GN removal tool?

I am taking everything literally step by step that you both are helping me with so I do not brick anything.

I uploaded the two files that you indicated then came back here to the thread for the next steps / what should I or should not upload before proceeding.