Sync 3.4 camera zoom not working

Hi all. I have searched for this but found no answer. Last week I did the 3.3 to newest release 3.4 update, and so far everything seems to work fine. Except for the backup camera zoom. I don’t use that option a lot but when I do need it, it’s nice to have it. Any reason the zoom feature would stop working? The + sign shows up on the screen as is normally did and makes a beep when you touch it. But nothing happens.

Thanks in advance!!

interestingly i realised the other day that i had this zoom feature, it works fine for me on 20196, my guess would be some asbuilt configuration issue.

Is there any known way to get it to start working again? Or anything by you can suggest trying?

What cameras do you have in your vehicle? Jusy the basic reverse camera or 360?

Just the reverse camera. It’s a 2018 XLT Sport.

Hmm I’m not sure on this, not heard of it before. Few things:

Try a master reset
Check for DTCs using forscan, note them and clear them
Battery off for 30 mins to force reset of all modules in case it’s an oddity with the BCM
Check your settings >vehicle and other menus, I’m sure there are reverse camera settings somewhere.

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I have heard of this and saw it on the F150Forum/2015-2020 F-150 threads.

You did a Master Reset right?
What model of F-150?

I’ve got a 2018 fusion with just the reverse camera and the zoom function still works for me under 3.4.20196. Strange that it works on some vehicles and not others.

The issues I’ve seen are the lower end models without 360 camera. In this case the rear camera is connected directly to the APIM, and the Sync controls the camera exclusively. In the higher end models with 360 view, there is another module called an IPMB, which controls all the cameras as well as the Pro Trailer Backup Assist. (What fun!) This one I have never seen an issue with unless one of the cameras was bad.

I did do a master reset after the install.

It’s a 2018 XLT sport 4x4

So the camera connects to the APIM directly.

Do you have FORScan?

Actually, yes. I do. I was using it earlier today on my 2003

Do you have a current backup of the APIM? From before the upgrade.

See what your value is for this, it should be ‘A’…
PDC HMI, Reverse View Camera (RVC 8" screen Only), Reserved, Illumination Strategy
7D0-01-01 x*xx xxxx xxxx
0=PDC HMI Disabled, RVC Not Present, Reserved, Illumination FNA
1=PDC HMI Disabled, RVC Not Present, Reserved, Illumination FoE
2=PDC HMI Disabled, RVC Present, Reserved, Illumination FNA
3=PDC HMI Disabled, RVC Present, Reserved, Illumination FoE
8=PDC HMI Enabled, RVC Not Present, Reserved, Illumination FNA
9=PDC HMI Enabled, RVC Not Present, Reserved, Illumination FoE
A=PDC HMI Enabled, RVC Present, Reserved, Illumination FNA
B=PDC HMI Enabled, RVC Present, Reserved, Illumination FoE

I don’t :frowning:
I wasn’t aware there was a way to back it up before I did the upgrade.

I can look and see what it is now if need be

Take your time. When you connect, open the APIM module ASBUILT configuration. At the bottom, select save all (or like that) and name it something like APIM asbuilt and the date.

I had to activate the extended license feature of FORScan last night. So I should be able to read that data today.

I saw an option to reset the APIM while I was poking around in there. Would that possibly help?

It will do the same as disconnecting your battery, which ahain I would recommend to force a restart of your bcm

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Okay, the value in FORScan is

2A2A 0006 0033

Did a bcm reset and no change

7D0-02-01 xxxx xxxx *xxx
Is this setting ‘C’

Have you tried reloading the entire APIM asbuilt. You will have to tell it to force write, setting at the bottom of the page.

Yes. It is C.

I haven’t. I’m not familiar with doing this at all so I’m kind of hesitant to start doing things until someone that knows what they’re doing helps me :grin: