Sync 3.4 multiple errors

Updating to sync 3.4 have broken compass and clock.
Not only that but if you scan with an OBD tool like autel you’ll find persisting error with apim
In my opinion is just not worth it.
I’ve called the Ford dealer to downgrade but said is impossible.

This is nothing to do with the SYNC 3.4 upgrade but you can keep claiming it is if you really want…

Is this a MY20 APIM we’re talking about?

Please elaborate what it is from!? None of the errors you see in photo were before the update. How I know? I regularly check with the scanner my car.

errors showing are common, if you clear them and they come back, thats not common and not caused by the SYNC 3.4 upgrade.

There’s no point in having a scanner if you dont understand its output.

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The errors clearly say “lost communication” this happens if you cut power to the component or it loses connection for whatever reason, i’m unsure off hand if reformat will cause that. either way clear the errors, if they come back you have issues that aren’t caused by CyanLabs if they don’t come back everything is as intended.

No. 2018

That’s my understanding of it! Sorry if it insult anyone.

Errors don’t clear.

Then you have other issues, once again this is not caused by the upgrade of SYNC to SYNC 3.4

Everything seems to work just fine in the car. Even the apim. ABS works. Tested it. . Clearly all is working except for clock and compass. Seem like ghost problems that surfaced after the update. Don’t get me wrong. I love the update. But if those arises from it then as I said IN MY opinion is not worth it. Car will go to dealer on the 17/7 to be scanned with the official tool. Will see what they say. May I send you a PM after the check up as a follow up?

Do you have anything better to recommend to resolve the issue?

I can see some similarities here.

I see no similarities here, that’s not even to do with sync 3.4 that’s to do with a firmware update (kinda like a bios update on a computer not a windows update)

Will show literally nothing more than you have already found, DTC’s for lost communication… but ok, i’m going to close this topic now