Sync 3.4 NA-EU map trouble!

Sorry for possible spelling mistakes, I use a little help from google translate.
I am the owner of a brand new 2022 Ford Explorer, bought in Estonia (Europe) from an official dealer.
After receiving the car, I registered as a user at
I also added my car there.
When purchased, the car had sync version 3.4 build 21194 and navigation maps version F10.
I checked if there are updates available. First the system offered a sync update. I updated the sync and then there was the version 3.4 22200.
Then I checked the map update on. According to the VIN code, the website offered map update (paid USB and free download). I chose the download version. I downloaded the map update package and a separate license file.
According to the instructions, I installed the map update in my car.
Everything seemed to work, the system said that the update was done.
But there were no more European maps in SYNC. I looked for SYNC in the map view and only found a map for North America. I checked which map version my car sync shows, there was map version NA221.
As far as I can understand, the ford account system gave me a map of North America.
During the entire process, I received no warning or denial that it was a North American map and that I could not use a European maps afterwards.
After all, I had entered the VIN code of my car, which was supposed to tell the system that it was a car sold on the European market and that it had a European map.
I contacted the local dealer/service company with my concern. A new version of the European map was installed. Now the map version is F11. Unfortunately, no countries, towns and streets are visible (there is only a map of Russia with streets).
I am attaching the last log file made by using the logging tool
Looking at the log file, I understand that there is not enough free memory in APIM to unpack the map files, or what?
The dealer/service company doesn’t know what to do, they say they have no way to delete the old (wrong North American map) files or do a reformat or clean install of the APIM or whatever Ford calls it. The only option is to replace apim.
What to do, is there any solution here? Is it true that the dealer/service company can’t do anything, that they don’t have such access to the system?

SYNC Region: EU

Navigation Variant: Nav

Manufacturer Year: MY20

Install Type: OEM

Old SYNC Version: 3.4.21194

New SYNC Version: 3.4.22200

Do you have a error message, if so what is it?

Update Method: Official Ford
Sync_ESN_VIN.xml (11.7 KB)

Good Day SvenS,

Basically you have upgraded MAPS to NA as most of Explorers are made for USA.
Now with that in mind you can’t use reformat to install EU MAPS.
The unit needs to be Jailbreak-ed, see FMODS tutorial for this, after successful jailbreak use FMODS - Navigation Removal Tool to clean system NA Maps…
After that you can use CyanLabs Syn3Updater to install EU MAPS.


Thank you for the answer!
My first wish would be to do all this officially. The car has a warranty.
And my first thought and question was, is it really technically not possible to do this in the Ford service? Do they really not have access to it?

I really can’t give an answer why dealer wouldn’t be able to do it.

Ford Service does not officially support changing regions. They will, however, charge you to replace the APIM with an EU model. But this vehicle was sold thru an official Ford distribution dealer, so it would have the proper maps, etc., for the region. The APIM was likely changed from the production unit when the vehicle was exported from the US. You can verify this by looking at the vehicle factory asbuilt.

Not true. The Explorer VIN country code may indicate US export only. Explorers are manufactured in NA only. There is no official channel that would offer you an EU map upgrade for an Explorer.

As far as Ford Service is concerned, the only option is to replace the APIM.

They do not have any mechanism to fix the APIM “officially”.

Note: You have only 2.0GB of storage space left on the APIM. There is no way to fix the unit with map or system updates from Ford as the unit is now full of maps and has no free space for processing the upgrades, etc.

This is what is installed on the unit:

Where can I look at the vehicle factory asbuilt?

Official channel that would offer an EU map upgrade for an Ford cars is

I have also realized this myself (my apim is 64GB).
Is there a way to remove the navigation voices files to get free space?
Does updating maps in a smaller volume (only selected maps and voices) help? Or do the files from the previous installation remain on the device?

Yes, there are both NA and EU maps.
I don’t understand why NA region maps are not deleted when EU region maps are installed?

Such a general question.
If the car has, for example, the full EU map version of F10 (all European maps and voices)
When installing the new map version F11 in a reduced volume (only use the map files you need, for example only Central EU) and Navigation Voice for example only ENG,
will the F10 map and voice files of the previous version remain, which are not in the reduced update?

In the Topic Enforced Downgrade - Map Version did not work solved post you wrote
Look at the example in the tutorial…but use the map files you need.
Where can I find this tutorial?

In the reply i’m looking at some text is highlighted in Green, just click that, it’s a live link.

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