Sync 3.4+ Not Updating

I would be curious what he finds and how he fixes it. Probably just an EMMC reflash, but see if you can get the details.

@GWraith ,

Did you resolve the issue with the Sync unit?

Yeah they reflashed the emmc from what I can tell. However their exact wording was that they had to repair it, solder on it, and reflash the firmware. I won’t be using them again because even though they said a software reflash would only cost $175 they claim the had to open it and repair it. What they meant is they couldn’t just stick a USB in it and flash it. Ended up costing me $300 total. I’ll be getting my own emmc flasher.

Thanks for the feedback and the details of your experience. They apparently used an older style EMMC flasher setup if they had to solder, as the newer ones have pin contacts that you can place onto the board. In any case, at least it is fixed and you are back up and running.

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