Sync 3 Installation In progress

What is your SYNC Region? EU

What was your Old SYNC Version? 3.0

What is your current SYNC Version? 3.0

Do you have Navigation? Yes

I’ve just updated SYNC 3 from 3.0 Build 17276 and maps 6.1 EU to Build 20204 and F9 maps. The changes are showing in the about SYNC. The issue I have is when I turn on the car I always have the USB installation in progress message, how would I go about stopping this, I tried to install the files again but the system tells me it’s already updated. Super lost as to what to do, would an upgrade to 3.4 solve this annoying message? Many thanks in advance



It would, yes…

Thanks for the reply and time F150chief, I did have a look around the forum in which I found a similar post, with a reply from yourself

This is mentioned on the site. It is caused by a failed or incomplete install of an upgrade. It sets a flag (like you said) that is not reset by the reformat and install in that method. It can be cleared by performing a conventional installation of software.

so please take my apologies in advance for my potential stupidity, I’m guessing a conventional installation would be a reformat of sync 3 using cyanlabs sync3 updater to 3.4?

Conventional method would not be a reformat. However, you could upgrade to 3.3 with maps using a reformat, and then update to 3.4 with an autoinstall method, which is what I term a conventional method. This 2 step method may not be necessary, but will clear the message.

I will give this a go Chief,

Thankyou very much for your time and wisdom.

I’m confused, you are on 3.0 currently so you would have to use reformat otherwise you can’t upgrade to 3.2,3.3 or 3.4

Hi, when I got my focus st 2018, it was on 3.0 and there were official updates from ford, after I updated I keep getting the message pop up usb install in progress when I start up the car. Now if there were a way I could solve this without upgrading to 3.2 .3.3 or 3.4 I would do it. I use android auto so the main sync software isn’t an issue really (and kind if regret bothering to update to start with). If an upgrade to 3.4 solves the warning message I would go ahead and do that. But if I do and the message is still there I’m stuck if you get me.

This is the same fault I have, but the user updated and didn’t solve the issue as far as I’m aware

REFORMATTING to Sync 3.4 will not clear the message. But, if you reformat to 3.3 and then do the regular conventional update (autoinstall) to 3.4, the message will clear. You need to have a completed successful installation to clear this message.

Alternatively, since you are on Sync 3.0.20204 and would like to stay there, you might be able to downgrade to Sync 3.0.19025, then re-install Sync 3.0.20204. This should clear the message.

Download this file from Software Database - CyanLabs
JR3T-14G381-AS 407Mb Sync3 v3.0.19205 25.07.2019

Place the file on the usb in the SyncMyRide folder.
Place the autoinstall.lst and DONTINDX.MSA files in the root of the usb. Install in vehicle. This will downgrade to Sync 3.0.19025, and get rid of the message.

autoinstall.lst (170 Bytes)


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