Sync 3 no android auto

I’ve been trying to get carplay and android auto working. I’ve updated the software and purchased a new USB hub. I still do not have access. The logos never show up in sync 3. Version installed 3.4 v 22251. Usb hub hc3z-19a387-f. But the part has a different number on it. Hc3t-14f014-be.
Not sure what I’m doing wrong.

2016 ford escape titanium.

The icons won’t appear until the first successful launch of AA or CP. Are you using a quality USB cable?.

Yes i was using an anker usb cable that works in my other car for AA, also tried another cable as well.

Have you master reset?.
Is AA enabled on both Sync3 and your phone?.

There’s nothing particular to do in order to enble AA or CP, just connecting a phone should be enough. As long as both ends accept the connection, of course. If the cable you are using works in another car, then I would not think it’s an issue here.

I did master reset before and after. Is that the correct hub? This is the box and new next to the origional.

I would not know, but wait for some else to jump in.
Also, have you reviewed this thread? → Media Hub, CarPlay Compatible - 2015-2020 Ford/Lincoln - SYNC 3

The new box should support AA and CP.

HC3Z-19A387-F (BLUE BACKLIGHTING) Ford (Wide 2 USB-A Port)
Interchange Part Number:
HC3T-14F014-BC (and up)

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Since we didn’t hear back from you in about a month, I’m closing this thread.