Sync 3 start issue

Occasionally when starting the display only shows the map on the full page. There are no buttons on the bottom of screen. The only why I have found to clear this and have the screen return to a normal display is to turn off the car. I then have wait for the display to power down. It does not power down when the door is opened like normal. This can take up to 5 minutes to power down. it normally goes back to the normal display when it is started up again. Has anyone had this issue

So this is a Sync 3 upgrade replacing Sync 2? Do you know the model (part number) of the APIM?
What version of Sync 3 is loaded in the unit?

This can caused by a failing APIM, or an APIM that has no memory for processing tasks. Either case, probably a hardware issue.

In any case, perform a master reset of the Sync APIM and then run the APIM Interrogator Tool and post the results here. This can be done thru the Syn3 Updater (without upgrading anything) or thru the tutorial.

Tutorial: APIM Interrogator Utility - Ford / Guides & Info - CyanLabs Official Community

thanks for the response I will look at it this weekend
I’m not sure what the number of the APIM is and yes I did convert from sync2 to 3. My current version is 3.4 build 20237

@Joe_Maneca , how did it go?

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