Sync 4. Why?

I understand that the Sync 4 system gives the opportunity to fit a 12" screen but it appears to be very limited inasmuch as the navigation is now subscription based, for instance. Those who have taken the considerable trouble to retrofit it (a real community effort, pooling a lot of thoughts, experimental results, ideas and suggestions) haven’t found it easy and I don’t see people getting the navigation system to work yet. What is the big thing I’m missing, being delighted with Sync 3.4?

Wireless android auto and carplay but dongles can fulfill this purpose

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Thank you. I never understood Android Auto as it didn’t seem to do anything useful when I connected my phone to it but I suppose that those that do make use of it. I hope it is worth the effort! I suppose it allows one to use a phone to navigate on screen so you don’t actually need Ford’s nav. You have fitted it, I see. What do you use it for?

I “had” fitted it, I went back to sync 3 with a aawireless dongle

Thank you. I think that answers my question nicely!

I posted this back in March 2022 about the situation:
Ordered a SYNC 4 APIM, lets see what happens once it arrives! - Ford / Discussion - CyanLabs Official Community

Since then, some of the folks I know who had retrofitted Sync 4 into their vehicles to replace Sync 3 had gone back to Sync 3 because of the limitations of the Sync 4 retrofit. Updates and navigation are still not available for the retrofits, and will not be according to Ford. The Sync system is very different as far as how the updates work for the Sync and nav systems in the vehicle. Ford will not release updates publicly for Sync 4 like they did with Sync 3. Instead, they have settled on using FordPass and OTA to push updates to the vehicles. Dealers can perform the updates with FRDS, but the updates require ESN and VIN verification now with the proper file signing.

That being said, there are some retrofits that will work, such as the new Mavericks, etc., that have an option for Sync 4. This is not officially offered by Ford, but it appears to work. At least for now…

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A blind alley, then for most. Fortunately I’m very happy with 3.4 thanks to Cyanlabs. It has guided me all over Europe, rarely gets lost and apart from the screen getting rather hot, it is damn’ near perfect. I would find it hard to improve upon.

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