Sync Color Theme (2020 Lincoln Nautilus)

I was looking at an example of the theme for Sync on the 2020 Lincoln Nautilus

Is there a way to get this color theme?

If you can obtain a vin from such a vehicle I can see what I can do

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You could try one of these to see if it works, if it does please report back:

7D0-03-01: ####-XX##-####
01 = Ford Classic Blue (UK Default)
02 = Ford Timeless
03 = Lincoln Timeless
04 = Lincoln Next

Yet another update, it looks like there are tons more options than I have in the database that work on 3.4

@CyanLabs interesting additions… If these work ill get them in the database. I won’t have access to my obd reader for two weeks annoyingly

I’m going to look into this now.

I will try the Lincoln black theme to see if it works and report back.

I’ve seen this post before but didn’t realise any of that was new.

I see how it works now. In Forscan I had to change the brand to Lincoln and the visual variant setting to Lincoln Timeless.

Here is a question now. Are you able to display the Ford startup and shutdown logo with a different theme?

You can’t display the ford logo with Lincoln brand.

I experimented further.

Forscan allows you to change the splash screen currently but not the shutdown logo.

I set it to Base Ford (Europe), this shows the Ford logo on startup. It uses the Lincoln theme.

You only see the Lincoln logo on shutdown, there must be a setting for this as well.

Sorry I wasn’t clear. The boot logo is controlled by forscan the shutdown animation is part of the theme and therefore controlled by the theme unfortunately

Ohhh, so I would have mod the shutdown video file or modify an xml file to play the Ford animation.

You can’t do that as files are signature checked. You would need to figure out a supposed exploit which I believe only one person knows or the more common method, use a hardware programmer.

What about just changing the file names? The same animation shows for both start/shutdown.

Make a copy of the ford animation and place in the Lincoln folder. Then rename the filename to the Lincoln animation file to *.old and rename the Ford animation to the correct name.


With a hardware programmer you bypass all checks, the checks only happen at the install stage. Without a hardware programmer it’s impossible unless you know the supposed exploit.

The Lincoln theme especially in night mode is soooo much better…

personally i think it’s extremely dated looking but thats why we have choice

Much better than the all blue layout though, the night mode was not dark enough.

I disagree but each to their own.

I switched to the black background yesterday. I still had it on the grey background.

So if i buy a hardware programmer i can have this grey theme with the ford st startup and shutdown screens? Or do i need to buy additional software or files?