Sync downloader does not recognize the usb stick

hi all, I have a problem, the program does not recognize my usb stick, I have a san disk ultra, 1 time in a hundred recognizes it, the curtain of the word usb remains blue … can you help me?

Please try the beta version available in our discord, it changes the USB detection

Visit #announcements then click the BETA icon and you can find the latest beta in the #beta-testing channel

I can’t find it … tell me where it is?..

after uploading the update to synk 3.4 error
error in 4U5T-14G423-AA_123694.tar.gz
and nothing works anymore

Recreate using another usb stick

Not sure if that’s the same problem, but the app didn’t recognize my external hard drive as possible storage for Sync update. Only fully fledged USB stick worked, which was a bit annoying as it’s so much slower than the hard drive.

I tricked it into using my external hard drive. I had to completely close the program and open it with a usb thumb drive plugged in. The size doesn’t matter as long as it detects it. I made sure to select the drive leter (F: in my case) and switched it with my external drive. Make sure that the external is the same drive letter in Windows. I then did everything as direction and it auto formatted and wrote to my drive.

you could just use the beta.

Ha ha, nice workaround! Very clever indeed!

Hi, I have a problem, if I install just the apps, voice, dab and gracenotes files, everything is fine, but if I try to include the maps it gives me the error LST_err008, how can I solve?

yes,i’m italian,how can I understand which file contains the Italian map?

Use the new Syn3 Updater and install the maps and apps that way. It will be the easiest way to do this.