Sync Update vs. Screen Size Concerns

Hello, I have a SYNC 3 post but the screen size is smaller than that of a traditional SYNC 3, you think I can update 3.4 ??? 18.5 centimeter diagonal

Ford transit!

That’s 8inch, well 7.2 which is the same size as standard.

So no worries about updating?

As far as i know it’s fine, it’s only 4" screens that would be different, get a interrogator log and i can confirm for sure

Here is the log file Sync_LW3H00VP_WF0UXXWPGUHM89912.xml (10,3 Ko)

You are running Sync 3.0, JR3T-14G381-AX according to the log which is 8 inch version. Should be no issue.

You have NAV with these packages installed…
JR3T-14G391-AE system voice
HB5T-14G422-BC nav voice
HB5T-14G424-BD map license
JR3T-14G423-AB gracenotes
HB5T-14G421-BD maps

Yes like F150Chief said, all should be good :slight_smile: sorry for my delay, work was busy.


Yes this will be absolutely fine, I’ve upgraded a module and Screen of this size without issue.

Your screen is very unusual, only found in the transit connect and US mk7 Fiesta.


Hello, I come back to my last post, I confirm that the update 3.4 rev 21194 went really well;) thank you guys

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Thank you, glad to help. Enjoy…

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