Themes not sticking

Just noticed that on my ST the theme also keeps defaulting to the generic Ford Theme. Upon opening the car I get the usual Ford Performance ST splash screen theme. But when I turn the car off and get out it’s just the Ford logo.

Changed it to the ST theme through the test menu and it shows the ST theme but once I’ve locked the car gone away for a bit, come back to it it’s defaulted back to the generic Ford theme when exiting the car.

You are using the wrong base theme. I can’t remember which one you need to set it though. My20 I think

Yes it keeps reverting back to Ford-MY20. I would like to stay on Ford-ST

If you change a theme via the diagnostic menu it doesn’t stick. You need to use forscan. And also you will get the wrong shutdown animation if you have the wrong combination of settings in forscan. This is not a sync 3.4.20136 so I will move this to a separate thread.

Thank you for the heads up. Good to know! Do you know what settings are required within forscan for the theme to stick and for the correct animation to show?

I really appreciate the time you’ve taken to respond.

You had to set the theme to either ford timeless or ford classic to get the ST logo on shutdown. I cant remember off the top of my head which one, but in forscan you will already be set to one of them so just change to the other.
7D0-03-01 xxxx x*xx xxxx
0=Ford Classic,
1=Ford Timeless

Yup can never remember either :smiley: