UK DAB Not Working

Upgraded a UK Ford Mondeo from Version 3.0 to 3.4 everythign works great, but DAB stations are not showing at all. Anyone have any ideas?

Do a master reset if you haven’t already

I did one after install as per instructions. Everything else is working, FM is working with station logos etc.

Have you changed any asbuilt options, or have you upgraded from sync 2 to 3 yourself?

Not heard of that before, so it’ll be a config issue or a coincidental hardware issue. The ACM (audio control module) handles the actual radio functionality in your vehicle, it is seperate to the apim. You could try an acm module reset using forscan, or disconnect the battery for 15 mins to reset it.

Also, a picturr of the issue you are having may help

Will grab a photo now yes. So the car has sync 3 installed already. All I did was update to 3.4 using the guide, it has nav too. I then done a master reset and everything is working perfect. I have not made any Forscan changes at all yet as I am still waiting on the ELM cable to arrive.

A master reset this morning seemed to fix the issue.

Thanks all

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