Updated to 8inch screen using my apim

I came in to an 8” inch screen and console.

I installed everything and its all functional except its in the 4” screen mode

I tried to update from the donor vin and it wont allow it so i did the update for my vin and it worked but its still in 4” mode.

Any help is much appreciated

SYNC Region: US

Navigation Variant: Non Nav

Manufacturer Year: 2022

Install Type: OEM Replacement

Old SYNC Version: 3.0

New SYNC Version: 3.4

Do you have a error message, if so what is it?

Update Method: Official Ford

I do not understand you, so please create, run and post the interrogator log output here.

You should install the 8 inch version, but it’s unclear if you have done so

I tried to install the 8” update from the donor truck but the vehicle notified me that it was not compatible

Rewording the same information won’t move this forward :slight_smile: (nor spaming the same question in multiple places, I’ve deleted your chat message).

Post the information I’ve requested please.

It sounds like he swapped out the screen and console without changing out the APIM as well…

You do realize that’s literally the title for this thread, right? :roll_eyes: :thinking:

Yes I’m just hoping he didn’t think he could just throw parts in and did some research before hand…

But hey it’s just a video cable right and I can change TVs without replacing my cable box so …

Yep, but as you may know screens are basically interchangeable, so if the new hardware is already in place the hard part is already done.

That’s why I asked for the interrogator output.

The question is what was the donor model and year vs what he has.

A 4" original screen makes me think what he has is something other than a 2022MY.

Please do not take this the wrong way, I get you want to help, but I already know all of that… you are just rewording stuff that’s already been said…

I’ve already stated I do not understand what’s he saying, or the current status of the APIM:

This makes no sense: :point_down:

An OEM replacement APIM for a MY22 model that was on 3.0 but was upgraded to 3.4 via an official ford upgrade path… No sense, but I also know that template is not accurate for hardware upgrades like this case…

Not trying to sound like a broken record, but that’s why I asked for the interrogator log output, I do not want to play the guessing game, decipher or “think”… I want to KNOW what the unit is running…

So I’ll wait until that information is provided…

I apologize if I wasnt clear before. I have a 22 F250 that had sync 3.0 and a 4".
I got the 8" screen for free with the console. I figured it would be a good time to update to sync 3.4. I was able to do so but had a 4 inch screen in the corner of my 8" screen. After posting I ran your sync 3 updater which was able to get the 8" screen working properly with the touch screen and everything.

Unfortunately now my for pass will not reconnect which I find odd because its the factory APIM from this truck.

log.txt (3.6 KB)

That’s not the log I needed, but since it’s already working, there’s really no need for the interrogator log.
Syn3updater only works with 8 inch variants of Sync3, so easy fix.
Just make sure to disable auto updates since Ford still thinks you are using a 4inch variant. (EDIT: it does not really matter since Ford also thinks you are on 3.0)
About Ford Pass, did you master reset?.
I think you need to force a reconnection, but FordPass is less and less useful in the later 3.4s…

But you changed the “operating environment” as far as the software is concerned which causes issues, but it can be fixed. First of all, is the TCU serial number showing in the “About Sync” screen under General Setting?

If so, the APIM can talk to the TCU and the TCU just needs to be reset. If not, you have an asbuilt programming issue which will need to be corrected. It is likely that since you have updated the 4" Sync unit to 8" software, you probably have a U**** Incompatible Configuration DTC code which will need to be fixed. You will need FORScan and a quality USB OBD adapter to do this. There is information about FORScan and adapters in the Information section of this website.

As far as the TCU reset, only if the serial number of the TCU appears in Sync, you can follow this procedure to see if you can re-authorize the TCU to the vehicle.
Reauthorization of FordPass Connect TCU.pdf (527.5 KB)
If you do this on a weekend you may experience delays in processing the authorization, as that is the heaviest times for sales and activations.

Ok. I think Im headed in the right direction. Thank you for that.

Heres what i have on the about screen.

You should be able to activate it. Sometimes it helps to delete the vehicle from your FordPass account the day before so that the deletion processes thru Ford’s systems, as these can be quite busy at times.

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Ill just be patient and let it be for the night. Tomorrow maybe ill run through that process.

Thanks for the help gentlemen.

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Well, I’ve done every master reset, and procedure that I can find via forscan And I’m still unable to authorize it in the FordPass. It’s like the message just isn’t coming through to the truck for some reason.

Any other ideas?

No DTC’s present, everything functions in the truck, all serial numbers showing up.

“I just wanted to share my experience in case it helps anyone else. It took me almost five days to get authorized after Ford initially blocked my account. Eventually, I had to create a new account using a different email address. I also found that using an old Ford app from the Android store helped me get authorized, as I was having trouble with authorization on my iPhone. Just some things that worked for me – hope it can be useful to you too.” P.S make sure you have a good clear sky and there’s good cellphone signal

Curious what they said was the reason for blocking you?

I got blocked by using this activation website https://connectedcar-sdk.com/ i new that because i called ford to check status for the activation they told me u used this website to activate so we blocked your email