Voice commands for temperature change do not work

update to version 19274 region anz on a ford escape 2018 but voice instructions to change the temperature do not work, can someone tell me how to activate them or how to correct the problem? Thanks

What region is your car? you installed ANZ so you are australian / new zealand?

Hello, installed south america in ford escape vehicle (Kuga) 2018

Please provide some useful information, using the latest version of the application press “Get Help” from the “Prepare USB” section

You’ve attempted to change the region of your sync 3 which we do not support, this is why you are seeing these issues. We can’t be of further help I’m afraid, I suggest you source a local replacement apim

I’m not sure if that’s the case, ANZ is also South America

If it is South America, can you tell me how I correct the problem

Interesting! Didn’t know that

Since we aren’t getting clear answers here,

  • What region is it originally, not what has it been changed to what region is it by the factory
  • Nav or not
  • post your reformat.lst contents

Hello, this is the information you request:

Original region ANZ and is the one i have installed,

Has Nav

Content format.list


I have the same issue. However, before v3.4 I didn’t have climate controls on Sync.

I knew an Asbuilt config change was needed, but when updating to 3.4 the controls just appearded, only that without Voice, so in my case i believe the Asbuilt mod shoud do the trick.

edit: i’m also from South America (ANZ). Everything else working so far so good!

OK, friend, thanks for your opinion. If you can enable voice commands, I ask you for the favor, tell me how to do it. Thank you