What is My20 protection?

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Newby question. does my20 protection mean it is specific to 2020 vehicles? I searched for a explanation on this topic but couldn’t find any references. if this is so what are the methods to know if it is enabled? would that be a added security package? or is there a actual post on all this that i missed that someone can point me to?

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Essentially, MY20+ vehicles cannot currently utilize the reformat method as it will brick the module (incompatible display drivers). Therefore, if MY20 protection is enabled, it will guarantee that the reformat method will not be used and keep your unit safe.

The main reason you would want to reformat is to install new maps as that is the “cleanest” way of doing so. However, an AutoInstall (in-place upgrade) is possible and this is what the updater does if you have MY20 protection enabled. There are currently some issues with the AutoInstall method for NA maps so further testing has to be done but there are workarounds to the issues.


Documentation will be updated soon.

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