🔥🔥 2020 MAPS - EU (F10), NA (2.20) & ANZ (2.20) Maps added to Syn3 Updater 🔥🔥


EU 2020 Maps - Not ESN locked - Reformat not required but recommended
NA 2020 Maps - Not ESN locked - Reformat not required but recommended
ANZ 2020 Maps - Strangely, ESN locked despite not usually being locked - REFORMAT REQUIRED

Discuss below!

NA Maps and ANZ Maps will require a reformat, EU probably won’t but still recommended.


Cheers mate! Downloading now :slight_smile:

** Update** Installed perfectly! with 2020 maps for NA. I don’t really need to update my vehicle anymore :slight_smile:


Proof from a moderator on our discord server


Just downloading now.

Many thanks CyanLabs.

Hey, I have the log file here.Sync_LYBW02M3_NM0GS9F28L1463487.xml (11.1 KB)

Great to see there are 2020 map updates! Do you have idea whether ANZ will be updated?

probably at some point no idea when though

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How to install this on a MY20 Sync 3.4 system ? I have 20351 on it now, and only want to update from F9 to F10 Europe

Anz now updated :slight_smile:


Amazing service!
If I want to try updating without reformat I should only use License, mapVoice and maps, right?

Go to the Ford Navigation website for EU and download the package there when it is available. You cannot use the reformat option on a 2020+ model.

That can easy take over 6 month or a year befor it will be relase at ford download update service here in denmark. Hope very soon there will happen something to that a reformat tool can be used. Im very surprised that not a russian guy have made a software that will work for my20

If i look at the vin number of my car, then i see that my car is build december 2019, but is a 2020 model. Must i take sync modul out to see if its realy is the one with reformat tool problem ?

You can run the interrogator tool to see what model year your APIM/display assembly is based off the part number.

That being said, please create another thread if you need further help with it as to keep this thread on topic.

EU maps don’t need a reformat as we have a license file that is not ESN signed.

MY18 Previously updated to 3.4.20351. To install NA F10 Maps Syn3 Updater shows Install Mode: downgrade. Does that seem correct?


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Yes that is correct. It will downgrade you to 3.3 and then reformat to 3.4.20351 with the new maps.

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Thanks avdonr.

Twice while preparing my USB drive with Syn3 Updater I’ve gotten the error “Unable to read data from the transport connection: An existing connection was forcibly closed by the remote host…”


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Azure servers are probably being hit pretty hard with downloads right now. Just keep trying or wait a little while and it should work eventually

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