AM missing

Hi, Updated Sync 3 to 3.4.23088 with F12 ( updated voices) EU, and after update, AM button is missing from Audio Sources display, just FM,DAB, Bluetooth and AA buttons. Some ideas about that? Thanks.

Did you do a master reset which is crucial after an update?

Yes I did. I’ve done install software and maps since 2019 but till now I’ve never met this issue.

After deep dive into media over the interne, I discovered that a lot of Cars Manufacturers decide to remove the AM Long wave from next software updates , including Ford, and it seems that 3.4.23088 has already done this. However, it seems to appears randomly, for some of us AM still there for others do not. It must be follow the issue.

Yea, I have found the same news:

“Ford has announced they are eliminating AM radio in new vehicles. They are doing it in gas and electric vehicles, whereas others are only doing it with electric vehicles.”

Have you checked your AsBuilt?

Yes I did. I’ve even tried rewrite with Forscan with default one from FoMoCo downloaded over Internet. Same.

I doubt this is the answer in this case. Would be stupid of them to do this widespread through a Sync update on all applicable vehicles. That’s a support nightmare waiting to happen.

Just to confirm, AM still exists and works with no issue on my NA C-Max on 23088.

What was your previous build?.
One easy test would be to go back to that build, but just the app package (sync3 that is) without touching anything else.

Ford agreed to readd AM radio in it’s cars. This is old info.

Yes It has been crossed my mind, but I am gonna do it tomorrow. I will update the result.

I’ve already told you that some of us still have AM but others do not, after update. So this is the reason I asked Cyanlabs community because is no logic in this issue.

What was your previous build?

3.4.22251 F11 maps …update (downgrade) to 3.4.23088 F12 maps (with first voice files ) …and than update only voice file K

Thanks. Since you reformatted the unit, issues with 22251 should not be related to your issue.
But, I would not recommend going back to 22251.

You can autoinstall any Sync3 version you like, it’s an easy process that takes about 10-15 minutes , and if the issues of missing AM is related to 23088, you will know it right away after the 1st boot.

Ok Thank you for your replay. I will do it tomorrow.

For me same problem after last update from 22251 to 23088. I think is not a problem but a Ford decision.
My car is Kuga St-Line 2022

Ford has stated they will put AM into their new cars and will go back and turn it on for those that dont have it. I would guess this would be a Calibration update or an AsBuilt change by Ford. It sounds like the hardware to receive the signal is still there. I believe this only was done in Sync 4 vehicles though.

I still have AM radio with my recent Cyanlabs update to version 23088.
2017 Ford Escape.

I have check the as-built of my Sync 3.4 APIM and the AM Tuner Setting is correct. I will try to come back 22251

EDIT: i have try to roll back to 22251 build but AM Tuner don’t appear. My only guess is that it was removed with the latest APIM -EM calibration.