EU Maps to US Car (3.4 Sync, F9/F10 Maps)

Those are packed files, they unpack to 1.5 times the size, and you need to leave 1.5GB of free space for the execution of normal functions and updates, etc. So an 8GB unit really has 4.5GB to use for data.

That’s one of the reasons 32GB units report 26GB space, then account for the 1.5GB free space requirement and you are down to 24.5GB. 64GB units report 55GB space.

Like @F150Chief has said these are packed compressed tar.gz files, when extracted they can be almost double the size sometimes. good luck fitting it. you can barely fit the entire os without maps on a 8gb trust me you will not fit on 8GB

Note that it’s not as simple as that either, there are multiple partitions a A and B OS partition, 1.5GB each, so 8gb after conversion of 1024 to 1000 is 7.3GB - 1.5GB - 1.5GB = 4.3GB free for everything else plus running space. voice will be about 2GB, ~2GB for maps aint happening.

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Thank you for the warning, I am well aware of the unpacked size of the .img files, it was just a thought, good heads up to avoid going down that road.

@CyanLabs, would you consider having a button on the interface for the Interrogator package for people to find out how much space they have left on the unit?

actually i’ve already considered it, i’m trying to determine the best way to implement it :smiley:

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Should be Germany?..

Hello, I used this method to update the navigation of a Ford raptor, from North America and installed the maps of Spain. It gave me problems after installation, but it worked, even though the voice was in German.
I tried to do a downgrade to reinstall again with more language packs, but I always get an error.

Someone can give me a hand. Thank you

need some advice

original ANZ map to ROW map (Thailand)

possible to do ?


HI. I did like You said, I cut some files and instalation is done now. The problem now is that sync doesnt read the maps? Have someone had problem like that?

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Did you cut the first 2 map files? Can you list which ones you installed?

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Did you change your APIM region in the AsBuilt?

Please help me to find my SYNC3 memory after I used the Interrogator utility and there are my results in attachment

Sync_VVCGA6XV_3FA6P0HD2HR289428.xml (10,1 KB) :

@imovane, you have a NON-NAV unit (HP5T-14G371-BAG) with 1.3GB of storage available. You have Gracenotes and are running Sync 3.4.19200, 5U5T-14G381-CD.

Your storage will allow you to upgrade to the latest Sync version. You may need to delete the Gracenotes first to perform the update and then re-install them.

<d2p1:PartitionHealth type=“/fs/Nuance/” total=“465M” available=“3.1M”/>
<d2p1:PartitionHealth type=“/fs/Nuance/grace” total=“1.0G” available=“57M”/>
<d2p1:PartitionHealth type=“/fs/rwdata/” total=“1.2G” available=“1021M”/>
<d2p1:PartitionHealth type=“/fs/rwdata/quip/” total=“35M” available=“35M”/>
<d2p1:PartitionHealth type=“/fs/rwdata/quip/” total=“90M” available=“90M”/>
<d2p1:PartitionHealth type=“/fs/mp/” total=“1.4G” available=“144M”/>
<d2p1:PartitionHealth type=“/fs/images/” total=“3.0G” available=“1.3G”/>

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When I bought a car from USA I had an icon Navigation but after upgrade from the ford web page this icon disapeared. Is it any possibility to install any navigation in my device?

It is not possible to install maps on this APIM unit.

See your PM…

Hello, have you identified which sound card in the following packages F10?


none of those are audio

Anyone know a way to change regions in MY20 cars ? The application says reformat is not safe for them so how can we change region and maps without reformat

The Syn3 Updater app does not change the region settings in your vehicle, it only enables you to load the maps, etc., for a different region. You will need FORScan, UCDS, or IDS to actually be able to change the region coding in the APIM or ACM. Further up this thread are discussions about this.

Note that CyanLabs does not support changing regions.

Without a reformat you can not change region so therefore you can not change region

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