Sync 3.4.20237 - Feedback & Issues

Sorry for my english. I mean eg Ford Pass over BT setting in SYNC is grey. Sometime is avible. In 3.0 it was avible to set in possition on and off, never gray and inactive.

Ah, right. Sorry I don’t have the Ford Pass app so I can’t offer any assistance. I’m sure someone will be along shortly.

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Some mp3 artwork (thumb drive) did not display in 20196. It now seems to display them all properly in 20237. I do master reset after all sync upgrades.

You need to turn on automatic updates and agree to send vehicle info to FordPass for this to work. The adjustments are in the Settings menu.

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I noticed that a while ago and decided to turn off Gracenotes, which fixed the issue.

You mean ANZ…As long as your APIM will have enough storage, you can. However, this is technically changing regions, and CyanLabs does not support that.

You can use the updater to load the new version and ROW maps and voice. You will need to change the region info in the APIM.

A good tutorial to read is Archive: EU Maps to US Car (3.4 Sync, F9 Maps), although not exactly what you want to do, it has the steps you should follow.

Installed Sync 3.4.20237 on my 2020 Focus Active (MY21) today, using Syn3Updater and the ‘autoinstall’ method. Initially after the master reset there was no GPS signal, but after leaving the car alone for a couple of hours there appears to be normal GPS reception again. So far everything works as normal and no issues. Will keep an eye on the navigation and the GPS signal, but happy for now…

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Hello, i´ve a problem with the 3.4.20237, the front camera don´t work. I´ve check with forscan the config and the frontcamera is activeded but if i press the buttom no reaction come up. If i drive and press the buttom than come the error message “camarea is disable if you drive”. Is anyone here with a idea? By the way, the car is a Ford Smax 2017 with a sync 3.
Thanks for the feedback

i seem to recall needing to swap a value in the AsBuilt to solve this on 20196 and presumably 20237

and do you remember what is exactly to do ?

Nope otherwise i would have said, it’s been discussed in the forum previously though.

Actually, i believe it was this

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7D0-01-02: 82FE 4016 C272 looks like good… here a screenshot from the APIM

Anybody having issues with their GPS time resetting itself to 12:00 on each startup? I have had this issue since 20196. It causes an error with Android Auto (error 8, something about time zones). I have a 2017 Focus ST USDM with Factory Sync 3, running latest build 20237 with the APIM Firmware Updated to match a Sync 3.3 APIM unit. Already did a couple master resets within the system, I am going to try messing around with the AsBuilt data next. If I figure it out, I’ll reply to my comment here.

Did this happen only once you went to 20237? I have had a similar issue where my GPS navigation is working fine, but the internal clock will keep resetting itself to 12:00 every time I turn on the car. Been a problem since 20196 for me. I’ll try a reformat install, master reset, and reset the GPS module to see if this fixes my issue.

What are your values for 7D0-01-01 xx** xxxx xxxx? (Value of the asterisk)

Extended Play (EP), Extended Play Time (EPT), Clock Master (CM), 10 Minute Clock (MC), CAN Steering Wheel Control Switches (SWC)

This will be the entry to change if needed.

Attached is an explanation of the Master Clock system in Ford/Lincoln vehicles.

Ford Master Clock.pdf (298.8 KB)

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F150chief is correct as ever, your Focus should be set to 68 for this field.

If you have a GPSM showing up in forscan, then your vehicle was not fitted with sync 3 from factory. This was for Sync 2, and someone has incorrectly set your clock master.


2020 F-250 upgraded from 20196 to 20237. GPS functioning fine, no issues to report. Thanks Cyanlabs for your program, everything went smooth!

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Looks like the value is set to 28. @Louage, so I should go ahead and switch this to 68? When I pull my factory AsBuilt, it looks as if this is set to 28 in that .ab file as well.

28 and 68 difference is the amount of time the radio stays on, 20 min vs 60 min, when you push the power button with the ignition off. Basically the same otherwise.

Set it to 68, master reset the APIM, shut down the car completely, let simmer for 15-30 minutes, then start the car, ignition and motor running. See what that does. The BCM needs to pick up the change, hopefully, without doing a reset on the BCM.