Kuga/Escape 2020 without Nav

I have a friend with this car, and it comes without navigation.
I’ve checked Apim storage with the interrogator tool and we have 16gb Apim.
He wants navigation, not sure why Ford installs 16gb Apim without navigation, maybe commercial reasons (it’s an Escape model for Southamerica).
I want to check with you, the more experts, the steps that I am thinking:
I am pretty sure that the Navigation version will fit in this Apim, but I wonder
Do I need to activate the navigation flag first or after the update (I mean with Forscan on the Apim module)?
Maps are not present in the unit, there is 7gb space free on the img folder and 2 o 3gb. more on others folder (or mount points)
Also, I am worried about some things that appear in this car, like the draw of the car in the main screen when the batteries are in charge (hybrid car), current sync version is 3.4 19200, so, it looks like it’s the same version as others cars.
There is a way to put the maps only without doing the wipe with the format tool? (for car warranty reasons of course).
I am thinking to get some Vin from the internet from some car with navigation and try doing an official update, but, the cars with navigation are from the US, so, I am not going to get the maps for SA (ANZ)
I look forward to your comments! thanks

Edit: I’ve read that the format tool doesn’t work on MY2020 car, so, for sure, I am not going to do that.
I am thinking of how to install maps without wipe.

Usually units that did not come with navigation do not have enough space to fit the entire navigation package along with the voice files needed for navigation. While you can try to cut down the packages and only install the ones that you need, this process is quite involved.

As for installing maps without a reformat, this is also a challenging process that more than likely will not work especially for non EU cars. The normal update process without a reformat requires updates to be copied/extracted onto the system before they are installed. Without a reformat there is simply not enough space to do this on a 16GB unit.

South America is also not ANZ maps (Australia and New Zealand). I’m pretty sure South America is ROW.

If you really want to attempt this conversion, you can enable the navigation flag in FORScan at any point in time although you will get a navigation fault if you attempt to do it before you install any sort of maps.

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If this is a North America vehicle imported to South America, the APIM will not have enough storage for the maps, since you will require ROW region navigation. Regardless, there are several threads on this forum you should read first before attempting installing maps on a NON-NAV unit, which is not recommended. The threads below are for cutting down maps to fit on NAV units, but contain information needed if you decide to do this on your own.

Remember, you must maintain about 3GB of free space on the APIM for future updates, etc. So in your case you only have 4GB free space on the unit. Deleting Gracenotes will help some, but very little.

Obtaining a replacement unit with navigation would be a better solution. Just swap it in with the asbuilt programmed.

Hi, yes, we have space left, there is 7gb free and ROW maps take only 4.3gb.
And It’s a 16 gb Nav Apim for America (not an 8gb Apim No nav)
It’s not an imported (private) car from the US, it’s a car manufactured in the US and sold by Ford in Southamerica, so it’s manufactured especially for the SA market (I think with some specific configuration, like SA radio tune, DRL lights always on, for instance.

Can you post your storage values (xml file). They are at the bottom of the XML.

It’s my understanding that SA maps are contained within region ANZ, not ROW.

That’s very strange if true. Counterintuitive almost. Then again it is Ford.

It is quite counterintuitive to group New Zealand and Australia with South America… Maybe they grouped everything in the southern hemisphere, who knows…

This is correct based on the map region definitions.

Regarding maps, no doubts ANZ contains South America

Here is the details of Apim module.

I have 7gb free space on images partition.

The size for all files to install is 6.50gb

But, I want to copy only the Maps files.
It’s posible putting only those files on the autoinstall.lst file?
I’ve never tried because I don’t have Apim nav, it’s a car of a friend of mine
That is the reason We don’t want to perform a wipe of Apim module, it a new car, expensive and under warranty. He wants only to get Navigation, more after know that the Apim has space.

Warning - This will void the warranty on the APIM.

I think you will run out of space to process the installs. You will need to maintain at least 1.5GB free for the unpacking of the files and processing the installations.
You are missing a file for NAV_Voice:
4U5T-14G422-DF 1.4Gb Sync3 v3.2.19325 ANZ 800/20190915, SA 800/20190915, TUR 800/20190915 (7)
And the maps file does not look correct. Should it not be:
4U5T-14G421-DAE 4.4Gb Sync3 v3.2.19325 EU.1.19 (05.03.2019, Tur), ANZ.1.19 (26.03.2019), SA.1.19 (05.08.2019), TW.2.19 (30.06.2019)
If true, you need the right license file.

By the way…the storage for the Sync app is at /fs/mp and the storage for Voice is at /fs/Nuance.

What APP version are you using?
Make sure to use the new and current Syn3 Updater, not the old one.

I am using manual method, the name of the files are from there. I am using a bussines laptop and is not possible to install the software, it activates the antivirus, also I prefer manual , it s really nice , just need to copy the files. Not sure why navigation voice pkg is not generated.

Why wiping doesn t work anymore?
Ford changes something to prevent the reformat tool?
I have 19200 on the car, so, as far I understand that version will execute the reformat whitout any problems.
Or this message is for those that have upper versions?

Currently this tool will use reformat mode and this is incompatible with MY20 cars
(This will result in nothing but a black screen)”

Now it’s working ok, voice nav is there, sometimes the combo box does not refresh correctly, or I pasted incorrect screen here. I will download all the files again to check the size


that message is slightly outdated, it will now warn if a reformat is being used, so if you are my20 at that point say no.

Please do not reformat your 2020 vehicle. You will be at the dealer…

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This is a recipe for disaster

It’s likely due to ANZ Ford vehicles being mainly manufactured in SA since Ford pulled out of Australia a few years back.