Latest Sync 3 Version for 2016 Escape Titanium

What is the most update version I should use for my Escape. Previous I got the latest one using the updater. Since I just replaced my APIM I am currently using version 20204 I believe. Should I just leave it alone and stick with that since it’s straight from Ford?

Which APIM did you get?

One from Ford that goes with the year of my vehicle. The dealership ordered it and installed.

Run an interrogator log and post here the results, redact your vin from the file’s name and content if you care about it.

Thank you. I will do this as soon as I can.

APIM.txt (735 Bytes)

Hopefully this is what you are looking for.

Yes, thank you. Even though it’s the parsed version of the log, it’s what I need (in fact, you saved the me trouble of parsing it, so thanks).

According to our records that APIM is not MY20, but detection is based on the model number, which in your case is JR3T-14G371-CJD. This is not 100% guaranteed, since Ford decided to push J series APIM to the market with MY20 components for replacement units.

And you mentioned you had your APIM replaced.
We had many users with JR3T-14G371-FFB APIM that bricked their unit because they reformatted it, which is not possible for MY20. JR3T-14G371-FFB is in fact MY20.

I’m saying this because you should be fine, but only way to be 100% sure is to unmount the unit and check the sticker which contains the manufacture date on the APIM and screen’s model. I’ve searched the forums looking that APIM model and nothing came back, nor success or failure cases.

Again, you should be fine, but I had to use that “disclaimer”.

OK thank you for the help. If I decide to do anything else I will let you know but I am thinking about just keeping what I have. After bricking my last one I am not 100% sure I would like to risk it again.

If I am understanding you right I can just upgrade to the latest version that the Sync3Updater shows if I decide to go that route?

Enjoy what you have and avoid the rabbit hole. Not worth it. Trust me.

What happened to the other APIM?.

Sadly, no. You are currently running 3.0.20204, which is the latest 3.0 version as far as I know. In fact I think I’m running the exact same version.

The point is that from 3.0 to 3.3 or 3.4 a reformat is required, which you can’t do.
Again, it would be EXTREMELY odd to have a MY20 APIM with 3.0. But who knows about the Screen, something syn3updater can’t see.

Still, I had to use the disclaimer :slight_smile:

Again, you should be good… but…

EDIT: what you could do, is upgrading maps. You will remain at 3.0, but with newer maps since you seem to have older maps. Check this thread for more information → Tutorial: Sync 3.0.20204 with 2020 NA2.20 Map Installation

OK thank you. I think I misunderstood you. Thank you for all the help you gave me.

If there are doubts or I didn’t express myself clearly enough, this is the time and place to remove the gray areas, so feel free to ask.

But I feel I think where I introduced some confusion, so let me clarify:
If the unit is not MY20, you can do whatever you want (latest sync3 3.4 and maps through a reformat).
If the unit IS MY20, you can stay at 3.0 and upgrade just the maps (which is done via autoinstall).

Sorry for the bad wording before, when I said “sadly” I replied assuming you wanted a 3.4 upgade assuming you have a MY20 component.

I was able to use the updater with no issues before I had to replace the APIM. My unit is not a MY20 since it came with my 2016 Escape. Just the APIM has been switched out with a new one.

Okey, based on you saying that the APIM does not have MY20 components, you should be fine.

Thank you. I will let you know how it goes.

huh? this sounds contradictory

What do you mean? Is the APIM something totally different than what I was thinking? I thought the APIM was what controlled the actual radio itself. I am really no expert with this.

Radio is controlled by ACM, APIM is the sync unit

Everything went good. Installer worked perfect. Thanks for the help.

Glad everything went ok
What did you do? A reformat?.