Moving back to 3.3 from latest version

Hi. Can’t get used to the lack of a night dark option on the display. What’s the easiest way to revert back to the 3.3 version?

I had a look at some threads and the downgrade document but I’m confused about whether it’s a fresh install of 3.3 or an actual downgrade option. I’m a 2018 focus who just went from 3.0 to the very latest package. Thanks in anticipation of any replies. :slight_smile:

Ignore me, just found night mode!

Assuming you mean 3.4.22251, it’s recommended to avoid that build.
There’s an ongoing issue with a partition getting full and reports state users were on that build when issue started.
So if that’s the case, go to another build except that.

Hi…I just uploaded to that 22251 version, maps ANZ 2.21 recently and have had no issues so far except sometimes it doesn’t pick up saved USB music upon retart (no biggie).
Is there some issue I should look out for and revert to a lower version, perhaps 21265 if needed.
2017 Ford Escape 2L.

This is not the place for this discussion.

Review the following quote, if anything else is needed post in one of those threads which cover that issue (not the tutorial, of course).

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