Nav Voice Prompt Skipping

Hi- updated (from here) to 3.4 20351 a year ago, and have been running that happily ever since. Just now the nav prompt voice has started stuttering/skipping/breaking up as it speaks. Everything else seems fine. Any suggestions? (Loathe to master reset, don’t want to lose all my nav favourites again!)

SYNC Region:

Navigation Variant: true

Old SYNC Version: 3.0.20204

New SYNC Version: 3.4.20351

Do you have a error message, if so what is it?

Update Method:

Syn3 Updater Version:

Syn3 Updater Documentation Read:

Syn3 Updater Log File

If you want to avoid master reset, maybe you could try changing your build to the latest .4 build available.

Have you noticed other performance related issues?

No other issues at all, it’s been brilliant, only just started doing the voice skipping thing today. (Auto updates/wi fi etc are turned off, so it is still the same as what I installed from here a year ago)

Other voices- like reading out text messages- are fine, it’s just the nav prompts.

If something changed, I can think of 2 things:

  • APIM is becoming unhealthy (not very likely since you do not see other performance issues)
  • Package corruption

If you want to avoid master reset, you can change the build (packages) to see if that makes a difference. If that does not solves it, you may need to reformat the unit and see if that improves it.

Ok thanks, I’ll see how it goes and make a decision. I’d happily reset, it’s just that I have so many carefully worked out favourites saved in the nav- not being able to back those up/restore them is a pain!

So to be clear- I can change the build, without affecting that saved info? And, what build number would you recommend? Thank you!

I really can’t confirm if you will keep your saved locations in nav after an autoinstall. Logic tells me that you will keep them since no user data should me removed, but to be honest I’m not 100% sure.

About the version, use the latest available which is 3.4.21265 I believe…

Ok, thanks very much for the advice and for the honesty there. I’ll have a think about it and might give it a whirl!

Looking at the updater, obviously I click to ‘keep existing maps’ but what about the rest- Gracenotes, DAB, VOICE, etc- do I change all those or do I literally only need to 3.4.21265 APPS part?

The updater will give you all the latest versions of the files. You should update all of them.

Ok, thank you!

BTW, this could be just corruption in the NAV Voice file. If the skipping continues after you update the apps, you can reload the NAV Voice file manually. Let us know how the apps turn out…

I will do, cheers.

Morning all!

Ok, I have successfully updated to 21265 (took 32 mins, working form a 32GB SanDisk stick) and my user data has been unaffected.
From a quick short test, the nav voice has still skipped a couple of times, and other times it has been ok. It’s a kind of a skip or a second’s pause, between or mid-word, and is definitely ‘new’.

Any further suggestions…?

Have you reinstalled NAV voices?, or did you just update the APPS and VOICE (for APP)?

I installed everything offered by the updater (while selecting (keep existing maps)-





Oh, then you should try this:

Ok, dumb question, how do I do that?

You can check this thread out → Tutorial: 2020 North America 2.20 Map Installation (Stand-Alone without Reformat) with Updated NAV_Voice 06/21/2021
It’s for NA, but will give you information about what needs to be done.

Since your unit is EU (64GB), I would think the space limitation described in the NA thread might not apply, but not 100% sure.

If you do not want to proceed manually, you can set Syn3updater to create the USB in a single stage.

Otherwise, you need to follow the tutorial to install the 3 files in multiple steps.
You could use Syn3updater to do so by creating multiple UBS for the multiple files.
If you check the file selection list in Syn3updater, you will find VOICE_NAV files…
And those should be autoinstalled.

Ok, I think I get the idea, but I’m not sure which 3 files I should be installing? I’ve found the files download page on the site, but don’t know which ones to choose, and I can’t find a file selection list on Syn3Updater at all?

(Sorry if I’m being dense here, appreciate the help!)

There’s a scroll bar on the right, it’s a scrollable section

Just make sure to have syn3updater configured with your current versions (both map and build)