No Module Firmware Update in Forscan

Hi All,

I am wanting to update the firmware in my Sync 3 APIM and I thought I had everything setup correctly but I am not getting the Firmware update option.

-Ive got a paid license good until 2/10/2024
-I am using an ODBLink EX
-Latest Forscan version
-Latest Obdlink firmware

I can connect to my 2014 F150 with the OBDLink EX, and in the log Forscan sees it as an OBDLink EX with 5.7.1 firmware. I created a new profile for the truck with the EX and have even gone as far as removing and reinstalling my Forscan license but I cannot get the Module Firmware update option to appear for any module in the truck.

What version of Forscan are you using?

The latest AFAIK, 2.3.50.

That version does not program modules. You need the 2.4+ version to do this.

FORScan 2.4.6 beta Released 2022-06-22 - Ford / Information - CyanLabs Official Community

Also, keep an eye on this thread → FORScan Software Version 2.4.x Releases and Information

It’s a good point to check what’s going on with Forscan, which points to the previous thread as well.

That would do it. I did not realize it specifically needed to be 2.4.6. I just kept seeing everyone say make sure it was up to date.

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