Radio logos and Calm Screen


I have a Ford Focus MK3, model september 2017 with Sync 3.4.19274.

In FORScan I have correctly configured to activate the logos and the calm screen. It works for the moment but after turning the car off and on again the options are no longer there. On the other hand in FORScan the parameter is always good. Any ideas?


Looks like your APIM would need a firmware update for the settings to stick.

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Full details here:

As recommended in the tutorial post, I tried changing the as-built APIM config settings before doing the firmware update. I was successful in getting the Calm Screen setting to appear (and it persisted after a master reset of the APIM), so I am all set there. I did not however get any option to add radio station logos. This is a USA spec APIM SYNC3 with built-in navigation from a 2018 Ford Focus and the ACM is from the same vehicle and has XM satellite radio as well as HD radio capability (both working normally).
Could it be that radio station logos are not available for USA spec units ?

I can confirm Radio logos are NOT available in US spec APIM. Only Calm Screen works

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That’s a shame that Ford decided not to implement channel logos for SiriusXM or for HD radio - competitor’s implementations have them (e.g. Hyundai).

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AFAIK you need a newer ACM to get channel logos on SiriusXM, some people have it i’m sure

Could be I guess - although my ACM is out of a 2018 vehicle, which is not very old!

Logos for SXM stations are present. It’s just radio FM/AM. HD info is also present.

I’m not sure I agree totally - see attached photos of my display in fullscreen SiriusXM mode. I agree that the HD radio programming info is present, but the SiriusXM channels all have custom color logos and they are not present on mine.

2019 Bullitt (US)

The new ACM’s have the channel logos on the preset buttons as well as the tuned channel. They also have more button presets available as mixed mode presets.

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Hello - I see this - I wonder if it is worth me doing the risky APIM firmware update after all, or perhaps this is a function of the ACM and not theAPIM…….?

I can tell you that the 2018 NA (North American) ACM you have will not display the channel logos described above other than the SiriusXM logos. It is too old. You need a later 2019 ACM to get these functions.

This is correct for the earlier ACM’s. We don’t have DAB with traffic support in the US, unfortunately.

I and others in the community have tried to retro fit the later 2019 ACM’s to our earlier vehicles without success so far. It appears there is something different in the SDL communications for the newer ACM’s. The APIM firmware update will not get any additional logos.

OK - understood - but unless I misunderstood something that F150chief said, I SHOULD be able to get the SiriusXM channel logos on a 2018 ACM (maybe only after firmware update?)

That is correct. There has been an issue with NON-NAV US units being quite finicky about this for some reason. The NAV units don’t seem to have as much of an issue. Sending an XM signal refresh sometimes helps. (You can initiate that from the website.) Keep in mind that the logos are “refreshed” over the air by SiriusXM, so there can be a delay in your results. Some people have reported a day or two delay in the refresh until they actually saw the logos appear. Keep in mind that the car must be outside in satellite view for the refresh.

Sure - understood. It’s been a couple of days now since I did the as-built config update. I have been using XM regularly since that time, so maybe it’s time for a refresh command and then if still nothing perhaps the dreaded firmware update…!

Actually I have a us acm and apim and it shows siriusxm channel logos but not radio logos ):

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Try refreshing your radio through siriusxm website

Only 2021 acms have both channel logos and channel logos on the presets.