Syn3 Auto "Downgrade" on 2020 Ford with a build date in 2019

With a NA “2020 Ford Fusion” and a build date of Dec 2019. I’d just upgraded used Ford’s USB based upgrade to go from 3.4.19200 to 3.4.20282 on the Sony/Navigation unit. After noticing my Maps Version was still “NA 118”, I accidentally googled onto Syn3 as slick way to update Maps. My primary intent is to update the Map data (not so much install v3.4.20351).

After configuring Syn3 to “AutoInstall”, I selected 3.4.20351 and Map 1.19 for NA - and then quickly stumbled at “Syn3 has set the install mode to Downgrade - DO NOT CONTINUE IF YOU HAVE A CAR MANUFACTURED in 2020! IF YOU CONTINUE AND HAVE A CAR MANUFACTURED IN 2020 YOU WILL BRICK YOUR CAR!”.

A very clear message!

I want to double checking before blasting away on my 2019 manufactured Ford: does Syn3’s “2020” strong warning apply to a “2020 Ford” sales year model with a literal build/manufacturing date of Dec 2019?


To err on the side of caution I would advise against reformatting your vehicle for the time being.

The issue with 2020MY+ vehicles is that Ford uses new displays in those which the reformat tool does not have drivers for. The tool therefore cannot initialize the display, and without initializing the display it cannot proceed with the reformat and leaves the unit bricked.

You can however try and identify the part number for your display which could help us to verify if it will be effected by the reformat tool. Unfortunately, this is rather difficult to figure out without actually taking the APIM apart and checking the part number (to the best of my knowledge). The only part numbers that are reported via FORScan or other tools is the part number for the APIM itself. You could just pull the part number for your APIM and based off of that we can make an educated guess as to the part number of your display (usually they line up with one another).

To grab the part number for your APIM, use the interrogator tool in the utilities tab of Syn3 as shown here:

(My APIM log is loaded for reference)

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You may also check if a free update is available for you directly from Ford:

Great approach/advice! I’ll pull the APIM part number with the Interrogator and see where the educated guess at the part number of the APIM display takes us! Getting late here, so will do tomorrow. Thanks again.

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Good link - It looks like I’m in luck, Ford will “sell” me have a complementary Map update download for $0.00 ($40 if I want their USB stick with the same data)… Ha!

I’ll run the Interrogator tomorrow to answer that question re: reformat’s display support on this unit.

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You can also try and install with the install mode in syn3updater forced to “autoinstall”, but yeah best to use the ford maps if you have it for free :slight_smile:

I did download the free version of NA 119 (just haven’t had the time to let the car sit doing for an hour to do the update!)

The Interrogator came back with:

  • Version: 5U5T-14G381-EK
  • APIM Model: 5U5T-14G371-CKC
  • APIM Type: Navigation
  • APIM Size: 32GB
  • APIM Free Space: 4.6G

As well as the partitioning and APIM AsBuilt bits. I’m still curious if this 2020 car built in 2019 has an APIM with a reformat supported display drivers… What do you think?

Agreed (and I probably will) - it’s just not as much fun!

What model do you have?.
A quick search returned “5U5T-14G371-CKC/CKF is for the 2020 Mustang GT500”.

Thanks SaNdMaN, that was directed to avdonr who’d offered to try and make an educated guess to identify if the part number for the APIM’s display was supported by the reformat utility.

Sure wish this was for/from a Mustang GT500! Sadly, mine’s a svelte Ford Fusion 2.0T. My guess is that these “Sony” APIM units were stuffed into more than one model of Ford.

Please, read this post and the ones that follow:

If you gained physical access to the unit, you could now for sure what year it is.

Also, it’s worth mentioning that the issue with MY20 models is the screen, but odds are both goes by the hand…

And yes, it’s not easy to find which model it’s…

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Hello. If I have apim MY20 but display 2018, can I use reformat?

Yes you should be good to go. The issue is with the display and not the APIM itself.

unknown, you try and your own risk.

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See the other thread where you posted twice…

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