Sync 3 lag after failed update


Sorry to re launch a closed discussion from November and if I have missed an open topic on this issue. I have the Sync 3.0 build20204 but it has not updated correctly and has the same issue with the key cycle and lagging if the USB is removed.

I have followed most of the advice in the post Sync 3 very laggy but fine with USB stick inserted. Sync 3.0.20204 with EU2.21 maps failing installation - #83 by F150Chief
but have reached the point where I need to install files and I am keen not to mess my system up further by doing something wrong!
I have seen that @F150Chief has provided a detailed tutorial Tutorial: Sync 3.0.20204 with 2022 EU 2.21 (F11) Map Installation but my question is do I need to do the Sync 3.0.20204 EU Apps Package Installation or not as my sync is showing as version 20204 but it in the interrogator log the files listed in that tutorial only 2 of them are installed! Mine has these as installed

Any advice would be appreciated as I am sick of it telling me to key cycle every time I drive the car!



First question: what’s your ultimate goal?.

Now, based on your original message, lets clarify some things.
A) If your version is already 3.0.20204, of course you do not need to install it again since it’s already installed.
B) From the first step in that tutorial (Sync 3.0.20204 EU Apps Package Installation), this is said:

From your message:

APP, not required since you already have it installed based on your comment.
System Voice, you already have it.
Gracenotes, you already have it.

So… what’s our doubt about?.

Thanks for your reply. My goal is to get the maps updated correctly so it runs smoothly again and that tutorial page matches my issue.

My doubt is that i am not 100% sure what i am doing so whilst i can see i have 2 of the packages mine was missing the one ending AX so i wasnt sure if i needed that one too or not so came to those in the know to find out if i can just move on to the next part and get the maps fixed which based on your comment suggests i can.


The one ending in AX is Sync3 3.0.20204, and you said you have that.
That package appears on the interrogator log, or it should. You just pasted a fraction of the interrogator log though.

My sync information screen in the car says its 3.0.20204 but those files above were the only ones listed in the interogator log in that middle column of the cyanlabs app but I may be misreading it. I can look again when im back from work and see if there is more but not sure where I need to look to find it!

It’s not shown there, but in the first “column”:


Version = Sync3 Package

Also, keep on mind that Syn3updater parses the log into a more user friendly format which is easier to read by users. The log itself it’s just an XML file.

Didnt realise that. Just saw the rest in that middle column. The sync version is there so im good to go onto the next part!

Thanks for your help

No problem.
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