Sync 3 Upgrade Failing

I am trying to upgrade my Sync 3 to 3.4 and it keeps failing. I get a message immediately that says Installation paused. “The USB storage device has been changed or removed. Installation will resume when the device is re-inserted”

I have tried two different USB drives and multiple versions of sync 3.4 with no success.

Please provide details viaFordSyncDownloader.
If you still have the application open simply click “Discord” or and paste the link from your clipboard
If you have closed the application since, select your USB, Region, Version and Map Version and then click “Discord” and paste

If you are unable to do the above action please provide the following information
Error Code, contents of your reformat.lst and autoinstall.lst files, list of all files in SyncMyRide folder, the steps you took. method used, navigation or not and finally your region!

Full disclosure, there is a guy on a forum that installed a 32gb card into his non-nav sync 3 unit. Doing the same steps as if he had nav all along. i attempted to do the same thing. the card is currently on 2.2 and my was originally at 3.0.

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Was there a solution, I am having the same issue.

I’m not sure if this will help but if you already got to the red reformat screen I read somewhere that fully turning the car off and back on again - i.e turning it off, getting out of the car, locking it, then unlocking it and turning it back on again and trying once more made it work

Use another USB specifically one without U3 smart or virtual CD drive emulation etc.