SYNC3 to 3.4 Error


I have a problem, I tried to update SYNC3 to 3.4 and after 25 minutes of update an error appeared.

The radio is not responding.


Ford Galaxy 2016

As mentioned in the other post.
An error around 25-30 minutes is usually caused by 1 of 3 things.

  • You are trying to install Navigation on a non navigation unit.
  • You are trying to install EU nav on a NA navigation unit.
  • You have a corrupt download or corrupt copy.

How do I check which error occurs in my case?
What to do to restore the SYNC3 factory?

  1. you need to determine if you installed navigation on a non navigation unit, if you are installing EU nav you must only install this to a EU nav.
  2. You can’t restore to anything below 3.2

A photo of the error provides more information.

Is the information I saved taking the photo before the update helpful?

What I should do now ?

Once again, provide a photo of the error.

Thanks this is readable.

Did you have navigation before?
What region is your car?

My guess is the file is corrupt try to redownload it.

Yes, I had navigation.
The car is from Germany but it drives in Poland.
I download the file again and prepare USB again
As soon as I play everything, I go to the car to try.

During the USB installation, such a window pops up
below the translation

The action could not be completed because the file is open in FordSyncDownloader.
Close the file and try again

Downloading the software again, preparation of the USB did not help, after inserting into the car, the message pops up after 30 seconds

looks like you are trying to prepare the USB while the file is still downloading

file not found, it’s not on the USB

use the new version of the software and use the “Get Help” button this will send my discord server all the required information (if you don’t have a discord username just put your forum username)

Hello! When updating 3.0 to 3.4.19200_No navi received an error in the 4U5T-14G423-AA_123694.tar file. Please help me what to do

you likely have a really small storage APIM, open the reformat.lst in notepad and remove the line for 4U5T-14G423-AA then save and retry

Thanks, I’ll try now

It turned out, thanks! In the morning I’ll check how it works. What did I lose by not installing 4U5T-14G423-AA_123694.tar?

You have no Gracenotes. In theory you can install a smaller language voice pack and Gracenotes

Thank! Checked, everything works.