Updating Sync 3 APIM Firmware (Calibration Files)

Updating Sync 3 APIM Firmware (Calibration Files)

The existing thread Updating APIM Firmware (Calibration Files) is getting lengthy and the guide needed a refresh to stay aligned with the FORScan article on using FORScan 2.4.x for programming APIM firmware. This thread is a refresh and update to supplement the existing thread. Once old business is concluded in the old thread it will be closed but remain available for review.

See the new tutorial: Updating Sync 3 APIM Firmware Using FORScan 2.4.x Release.

Please direct all discussion about the tutorial and procedures to this thread.
Files can be downloaded thru the FORScan 2.4.x application with a paid license.

Special thanks to @Louage for authoring the original guide and thread:


Requesting files please.

Secondary Boot Loader: GB5T-14G376-AA
Strategy (F188): Use GB5T-14G374-CD
Calibration (F124): GB5T-14G375-BA or GB5T-14G375-BB

But I couldn’t update my car this way. The “APIM Firmware Update” option does not appear in Forscan. What am I doing wrong, or should I go another way?
I’m not very knowledgeable on the subject. I’m still trying to learn new. So please excuse my ignorance.

Below is the configuration read in the Forscan connection.

Type: FTDI #1:D37MH1M0, 3000000 bps
Adapter: vLinker FS v2.2.91.beta6 MIC3322 V2.0.91.beta6 (ELM327 v2.2)
Min.delay: 1 ms ( Excellent)
Errors: None

Model: Ford Kuga/Escape
Engine: Duratorq Turbo Diesel Common Rail Injection Stage VI
Capacity: 1.5L
Year: 2018
Month: 06
Generation: 2017 MY
Fuel: Diesel
Transmission gear: Manual
VIN: WF0****PMAJ****93

PCM - Powertrain Control Module
Part number: JV6A-12A650-PA
Calibration level: JV6A-12A650-RG (latest known: JV6A-12A650-RJ)
Strategy : JV6A-14C204-RG
Hardware type: F1F1-12B684-AD / F1F1-12B684-AC / F1F1-12B684-ZA
VIN: WF0****PMAJ****93
Total Distance: 142168.0 km

OBDII - On Board Diagnostic II
VIN: WF0****PMAJ****93

APIM - Accessory Protocol Interface Module
Part number: JR3T-14G371-FED
Calibration level: JR3T-14G371-FJG
Strategy : HB5T-14G374-CA
Calibration: HB5T-14G375-FA
VIN: WF0****PMAJ****93

SASM - Steering Angle Sensor Module
Part number: F1FT-3F818-AC
Calibration level: F1FT-3F818-AC
Strategy : F1FT-14C309-AC
Total Distance: 142168.0 km

FDSM - Front Distance Sensing Module
Part number: F1FT-14F449-AF
Calibration level: F1FT-14F449-AF
Strategy : F1FT-14F621-AF
Calibration: F1FT-14F622-AD
Total Distance: 142168.0 km

ABS - Antilock braking system
Part number: GV61-2C405-CJ
Calibration level: GV61-2C405-CJ
Strategy : GV61-14C036-CJ
VIN: WF0****PMAJ****93
Total Distance: 142168.0 km

RCM - Restraint Control Module
Part number: GV4T-14B321-AC
Calibration level: GV4T-14B321-AC
Strategy : GJ5T-14C028-BA
Calibration: GV4T-14C098-CC
VIN: WF0****PMAJ****93

PAM - Parking Aid Module
Part number: F1ET-15K866-BJ
Calibration level: F1ET-15K866-BJ
Strategy : F1ET-14C090-BH

PSCM - Power Steering Control Module
Part number: HV61-3C579-AD
Calibration level: HV61-3C579-AD (latest known: HV61-3C579-AE)
Strategy : HV6T-14C217-AB
Calibration: HV6T-14C218-AC
VIN: WF0****PMAJ****93
Total Distance: 142168.0 km

BdyCM - Body Control Module
Part number: GV6T-14A073-EJ
Calibration level: GV6T-14A073-EJ (latest known: GV6T-14A073-EL)
Strategy : GV6T-14C094-AH
Calibration: GV6T-14C095-AH
VIN: WF0****PMAJ****93
Total Distance: 142168.0 km

IPMA - Image Processing Module A
Part number: F1FT-19H406-AH
Calibration level: F1FT-19H406-AH
Strategy : F1FT-14F397-AG
Calibration: F1FT-14F398-AG

SODR - Side Obstacle Detection Control Module - Right
Part number: HV6T-14C689-BA
Calibration level: HV6T-14C689-BA
Strategy : HV6T-14D368-BA
VIN: WF0****PMAJ****93

SODL - Side Obstacle Detection Control Module - Left
Part number: HV6T-14C689-AA
Calibration level: HV6T-14C689-AA
Strategy : HV6T-14D368-AA
VIN: WF0****PMAJ****93

FCIM - Front Controls Interface Module
Part number: F1CT-18K811-HC
Calibration level: F1CT-18K811-HC
Strategy : F1CT-14F565-HC

RGTM - Rear Gate/Trunk Module
Part number: GJ5T-14B673-AH
Calibration level: GJ5T-14B673-AH (latest known: GJ5T-14B673-AJ)
Strategy : GJ5T-14C121-AH
Calibration: GJ5T-14C122-AF
Total Distance: 142168.0 km

PDM - Passengers Door Control Unit
Part number: F1ET-14B533-BG
Calibration level: F1ET-14B533-BG
Strategy : F1ET-14C108-AG
Total Distance: 142168.0 km

DDM - Drivers Door Module
Part number: F1ET-14B531-BG
Calibration level: F1ET-14B531-BG
Strategy : F1ET-14C064-AG
Total Distance: 142168.0 km

HVAC - Heating Ventilation Air Conditioning
Part number: GJ5T-18C612-DJ
Calibration level: GJ5T-18C612-DJ
Strategy : GJ5T-18D619-AJ

RFA - Remote Function Actuator
Part number: F1CT-19G481-AK
Calibration level: F1CT-19G481-AK (latest known: F1CT-19G481-AL)
Strategy : F1FT-14C104-AM
Calibration: F1FT-14C105-AH
VIN: WF0****PMAJ****93
Total Distance: 142168.0 km

ACM - Audio Control Module
Part number: CV4T-19C107-NJ
Calibration level: CV4T-19C107-NJ (latest known: CV4T-19C107-NK)
Strategy : CV4T-14D099-NJ
Calibration: CV4T-14D100-ND

IPC - Instrument Panel Control Module
Part number: JV4T-10849-LB
Calibration level: JV4T-10849-LB
Strategy : JJ5T-14C026-BB
Calibration: JJ5T-14C088-DA
VIN: WF0****PMAJ****93
Odometer: 142168.6 km
Total Distance: 142168.0 km

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My question is where do I go from here, as I do not have APIM FIRMWARE UPDATE.


My problem is the same. I’m waiting for a helpful answer.

my experience is with UCDS not ForScan so you’ll have to wait for others to chime in.

I guess the UCDS software is not working with my Vlinker adapter, is it?

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UCDS only works with their own adapter

Ok. Thanks for your support. We must waiting for helpful answer.


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@Killer_Volt @rustem.inci

You need a paid version of FORScan for the firmware options.

I have a paid version, had it for a while now it expires 2025-02-16

I also have a 2 month extended license version. I guess no one else has encountered this problem but us.

I don’t know, I’m sure it’s something simple, I have 3 OBD connectors. The OBDLink EX and all the drivers installed, I have my ELM327 with a switch and a China counterfeit that someone gave me, I never used that one. What I noticed is with the OBDLink I get 2 lines I never saw before, I haven’t tried the ELM327 to see it I get the Firmware update line or not. I will try it and post here my findings.

That is not the PAID version. Firmware programming is only available with the paid version of FORScan.

Standard and Extended licenses for Windows, version 2 - FORScan forum

I down loaded the beta version, and I got all the modules firmware update tab. I used 2.4.6 beta and I was able to update the APIM firmware I also did FCIM and ACM firmware updates and still no logos. So if anyone has any ideas why I can’t seem to get the logos I would much appreciate it, APIM is JS7T-14G371-JED, FCIM JL3T-18E243-CDE and ACM is HC3T-19C107-CK Sync 3.4 build 22251. I have calm screen

Which logos? SiriusXM? You can get channel logos with that ACM but that is about it…

Sirius XM and radio station same as XM just the artist and song playing, no station logos, so I need a newer ACM? I’ll take a picture of both and post in a few min

You will need a late 2019 or later ACM to get station logos on the preset buttons, etc. The newer ACM must conform to your existing wiring and harness connections. Station logos will appear on the APIM based on the data being received by the ACM. The older Ford radios do not support a lot of the metadata in today’s radio broadcasts and/or streams, they were never designed for it. This is not unique to Ford. What you are seeing in those pics is normal for the ACM in your vehicle.