Updating Sync 3 APIM Firmware (Calibration Files)

Updating Sync 3 APIM Firmware (Calibration Files)

The existing thread Updating APIM Firmware (Calibration Files) is getting lengthy and the guide needed a refresh to stay aligned with the FORScan article on using FORScan 2.4.x for programming APIM firmware. This thread is a refresh and update to supplement the existing thread. Once old business is concluded in the old thread it will be closed but remain available for review.

See the new tutorial: Updating Sync 3 APIM Firmware Using FORScan 2.4.x Release.

Please direct all discussion about the tutorial and procedures to this thread.
Files can be downloaded thru the FORScan 2.4.x application with a paid license.

Special thanks to @Louage for authoring the original guide and thread: