Upgrade apim to get higher Sirius chanels

Hello I’ve been reading and trying to figure this out. I have a 2016 mustang with nav which I upgraded to 3.4.20021 with the help of this site and mustang6g. I believe I understand I have an older apim and have been reading here and on forscan that this can be updated however you must be careful and follow the directions exactly.

Can someone confirm with the beta forscan and proper cable, and possible help from this site I could upgrade my apim and get the higher Sirius chanels?

I just used your latest syn3 updater and have a usb with to upgrade to 3.4.20196 but with reading understand this will not give me the upper chanels.I’m hoping my display will look more like my husband 2019 F150 .

Thank you in advance for setting me straight!

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If you mean upgrading APIM firmware you can refer to these threads and it should help you get sorted with upgrading the firmware:

However that being said, it is not really a matter of APIM firmware when it comes to Sirius XM as much as it is the ACM. Newer model ACM units handle the Sirius signal differently than previous generations and therefore allow for the full catalogue of channels among other features.

You can still try upgrading your APIM firmware and updating to the latest version of SYNC (which is 3.4.20282) if you wish, but just be cautious as the procedure of upgrading firmware could leave your unit temporarily or permanently bricked.


Thank you for the information on upgrading the firmware. That is what I was trying to ask but your information on the ACM helped me understand what I will accomplish upgrading the APIM firmware.

I do understand there is a possibility of bricking my unit and was shying away from 20282 because I thought I read there was issues with playing usb music.

I really appreciate your help.

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No problem.

There are issues with builds prior to 3.4.20282 in regards to USB playback. As far as I know a lot of bugs and issues have been fixed in 3.4.20282 and its currently one of the most stable builds. You could always downgrade to a previous version if you find any issues with the new releases.

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This thread might be what you are after…
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If you have a Gen 1 APIM, part number beginning with letter ‘G’, be very careful about the firmware updates to that unit, as they are rather finnicky. If you are set on getting the SiriusXM higher channel sets, you will need to upgrade the ACM and APIM to late 2019+ models, and this will require additional wiring to the vehicle.

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