Satellite radio screen - "cover flow" style

Over at 2GFusions, a member is looking for how to enable “cover flow” style station listing on SiriusXM. See attached image for example.

Anyone know how to enable this ? The picture shown is from a 2020 Ford Edge.

Yep. 2020MY ACM and 2020MY APIM with SiriusXM. The “new” radio does this by default, the old radio will not. Hardware differences and the old radio is Sirius only.

However, If you retro fit the hardware in yours, it will work. I had a rental 2020 MKZ that had the new radio, etc., so of course I read the asbuilt with FORScan. Except for the ACM, there was nothing really different. The APIM had the appropriate code changes for the newer model ACM.

BTW - The reference to 2020 equipment has become confused. The equipment model number should be referenced, not the vehicle MY. The Kxxx series ACM and APIM will do this if they are programmed correctly, and the ACM is a late 2019 production. The APIM just needs to be Kxxxx series. Strictly speaking, 2020MY equipment will be Lxxx, but we know that’s not true in current production environments. So 2020MY equipment can cover many years of ‘part numbers’.

Oh yeah, I understand that there will always be overlap and they’ll use up the parts before switching over, so some 2019s may get ‘newer’ parts or some 2020s may get ‘older’ parts.

I found a picture I took of my APIM before I installed it. When you say “K” or “L” series, is this referring to the 13-digit p/n and the first set of numbers ? If so, mine is LS7T.

13-digit p/n and the first set of numbers? Yes. I used to have a breakout on the numbers…somewhere.

LS7T-14G370-BBG. You have 2020 hardware. You might not ever want to run the reformat tool on that!
I’ll put your number in the hardware database.

Usually they are parts that are not revised for the new model year and are carry over parts.

At one point, I thought I saw a reference to “Gen 4” APIM for 2020 models (I know, I know… :laughing:) and if it is, great. If it’s not, oh well…

As for the “cover flow”, it was someone else asking how to enable it and if it was figured out, I would probably give it a shot as well. In my case, I’m mixing a 2020 APIM with a 2014 ACM so it ain’t happening. I may have a connection to a 2020 ACM though. When I bought the APIM, screen, and faceplate, they sent me the ACM instead of the faceplate, which we swapped. I just emailed them to see if they still have it and the cost. Do you know what’s involved in swapping ACMs ? I’m guessing it’s just (4) fasteners like the APIM (I know where the ACM is too).

Gen 4 is K series and up right now. I suspect there will be no Gen 5 Sync 3.

You’ll need to add wiring for the 2020 ACM. But you should make sure it is a K series ACM, as the L series used different connectors. But the L should work, just all the wiring will need to be retrofitted at the ACM.

If the yard still has the ACM, I’ll ask for the p/n. If it’s an “L”, I’ll have to pass… I used to install car stereos, speakers, etc and am not afraid of wiring but don’t think I’d want to get too in-depth with this.

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My APIM is non-navigation, by the way. I think you tagged it as navigation.

I’ll fix it. I thought you had maps…I should have known by the BBG.

Done. How do you know where you are going?

Rand McNally, duh… :rofl:

Those coffee table books are tough to read on the road.

Come on, kid ! They make foldable ones ! :joy:

Qucik question… If i get a 2020 ACM and 2020 APIM for a Ford Fusion, i have a 2016 Fusion, would there be alot of wiring involved? Would the current connector work ?


See this thread:

I had to add 4 wires in between the 2. The biggest thing is the connectors on some of the new ACM’s. Pull your ACM out and check the configuration of the connectors, more than likely you have the rectangular ones. My 2020 Super Duty has square ones but the 2020 Explorer ACM I got but sent back had the rectangular ones.

I was reading something else:
The as-built values are 727-01-XX through 727-04-XX but in FORScan, I have settings up to 727-08-XX. When I choose “Load factory AB”, FORScan warns me that the number of blocks don’t match, confirming what I could see before trying this.

The extra lines 727-05-xx and beyond are station presets. Just load 727-01-xx thru 727-04-xx and write it.
And the ACM does not contain the VIN.
Can you PM me the files you downloaded? Just attach the files. I’m curious about the SDARS settings and logos.

Do you mean my as-built from the Motorcraft website ? I have them in a Notes file too.

The APIM and ACM files posted in the thread…

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